Use these guidance documents to ensure the works you carry out under the Better Energy Homes scheme meet the required SEAI Standards.

Quality of service

The quality of service delivery is central to the reputation and effectiveness of all home energy efficient works supported by SEAI. We have put together a number of supports and guidance documents that will help you complete your work to the required standard. Following these guidelines will benefit your reputation and help grow your business.

Support and guidance documents

Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications (DTSS)

The DTSS details the technical requirements for the SEAI residential Programmes. A Contractor carrying out works for these Programmes must have the minimum levels of competency and commit to supplying materials and equipment and to perform the works to the defined requirements. The DTSS is based on S.R.54:2014 "Code of Practice for the Energy Efficient Retrofit of Dwellings".

Better Energy Homes Contractor's Code of Practice

The Better Energy Homes Code of Practice sets out the programme-specific requirements on contractors in carrying out works supported by the Programme.

Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP)

The Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP) document details the quality assurance procedures that are in place to govern the Better Energy programmes, including the reworks process. Here you will find a useful Inspector's checklist that will help you snag your own work.

Additional Information for Contractors

This document contains additional technical information that is not covered in the Code of Practice and QADP. It includes revisions to the SEAI programme standards that must also be adhered to in conjunction with the Code of Practice and QADP documents.

Desktop Audit Photographic Guidance

This document provides guidance on the photographic evidence required as part of a Desktop Audit to assist with the verification of the installation of works.


If you wish to appeal an Inspector's decision you must use this form. It is important to note that if you don't complete the works to the standards in the documents above, you will receive a request to complete reworks to bring the works to the specified SEAI standard.

Technical guidance and safety notices

Heat Pump System

Heat Pump Designer/Installer Sign Off Sheet

The worksheets in the Better Energy Homes Heat Pump Designer Installer Sign Off Sheet must be completed by the registered contractor. For the heat pump systems installed under Better Energy Homes, these are equivalent to the “Designer Installer Sign Off Form” required for the purpose of the BER.

Ecodesign Technical Data

The following are links to heat pump manufacturers Ecodesign Technical Data for their products:

Heat Pump Association of Ireland Installation Guidelines

The HPAI Installation guidelines, developed by the Heat Pump Association of Ireland, contain important technical guidance for the installation of heat pump systems.

Room Heat Loss and Radiator Sizing Guidance

Guidance on the heat loss calculation and radiator sizing/verification for heat pump system grants.

Solar technical guidance and calculator

In accordance with the Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications, contractors must only install products listed on the Solar Thermal Registered Product List. Please note that even if the solar collector is listed on the register, this does not mean that a specific product will meet the sizing requirement of the grant. Contractors are required to select the appropriate product that will meet the required specifications of the grant programme.

To register a product on the Solar Thermal Registered Product List, you must complete and return a Solar Thermal Product Registration Form.

Important safety notices that must be signed by homeowner

Technical bulletins

The following documents provide technical guidance on the installation of grant works. The purpose of these bulletins is to help contractors maintain quality and ensure compliance with programme requirements.

Contractor Training Videos

The aim of the training videos is to assist you with installations and ensuring compliance with the grant programme standards, specifications and regulations.

Marketing guidance and use of logos

  • It is not permitted to use the SEAI logo and Better Energy logo on any publication or visual medium, in relation to the Better Energy Homes programme. This includes print and broadcast advertising, brochures, flyers, direct mail, point of sale material, online collateral, branded vehicles and phone directories.
  • No references may be made to SEAI or the Better Energy programme, which may infer any form of endorsement.
  • Where a contractor is SEAI registered, the following statement may be included; ‘[Company Name] is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes programme’.

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