Use these guidance documents to ensure the works you carry out under the Better Energy Homes scheme meet the required SEAI Standards.

Quality of service

The quality of service delivery is central to the reputation and effectiveness of all home energy efficient works supported by SEAI. We have put together a number of supports and guidance documents that will help you complete your work to the required standard. Following these guidelines will benefit your reputation and help grow your business.

Part of your role is to support the Homeowner in making the right decisions in upgrading their home. This includes explaining and agreeing the proposed works, providing a quote for works and agreeing a contract between Homeowner and Contractor.

Please note, registered Contractors can offer the Homeowner the cost of works net of the grant amount. To do this, the Contractor can ask the Homeowner to nominate the Contractor's preferred bank account with bank details on the SEAI Request for Payment form.

Support and guidance documents

Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications (DTSS)

The DTSS details the technical requirements for the SEAI residential Programmes. A Contractor carrying out works for these Programmes must have the minimum levels of competency and commit to supplying materials and equipment and to perform the works to the defined requirements. The DTSS is based on S.R. 54:2014/A2:2022 Code of Practice for the energy efficient re (

Better Energy Homes Contractor's Code of Practice

The Better Energy Homes Code of Practice sets out the programme-specific requirements on contractors in carrying out works supported by the Programme.

Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP)

The Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP) document details the quality assurance procedures that are in place to govern the Better Energy programmes, including the reworks process. Here you will find a useful Inspector's checklist that will help you snag your own work.

Desktop Audit Photographic Guidance

This document provides guidance on the photographic evidence required as part of a Desktop Audit to assist with the verification of the installation of works.


If you wish to appeal an Inspector's decision you must use this form. It is important to note that if you don't complete the works to the standards in the documents above, you will receive a request to complete reworks to bring the works to the specified SEAI standard.

FAQs from Contractors

1.1 - How do I register with SEAI as a contractor?

1. Complete the Contractor’s Registration Form and include all relevant documents including the required proof of competancy:

a) Contractor Declaration of Insurance form

b) Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) or electronic Tax Clearance Certificate

c) Send forms to

2. Attend the monthly BEH Contractor Onboarding session which is mandatory and held online. You will receive an invite from us. 

3. Study with the technical documentation outlining the SEAI standards and implement these:


1.2 - I have been deregistered. Can I re-register?

Yes, you can. Contact after your period of deregistration to request re‐registration. 

The following is required for re‐registration:

  1. Evidence that the basis for your deregistration has been rectified.
  2. Up to date Insurance and Tax Clearance Certificates.
  3. Attend the online BEH Contractor Onboarding again.

Please refer to the Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures - QADP document


1.3 - I have renewed my insurance. Do I need to notify SEAI?

Yes, you need to be fully insured at all times and notify us when your insurance is renewed.

In order to do so, send the completed Contractor Declaration of Insurance Form to

You will receive a reminder from us 2 months and 2 weeks prior to your insurance expiry.

If it expires on our system you will not appear on the Contractor Register.

1.4 - My insurer is based outside the Republic of Ireland. What do I need to do?

This is no problem. Provide the Central Bank of Ireland reference number on the Declaration of Insurance Form.

2.1 - Is there a checklist that I can use to ensure my upgrade works are compliant?

Yes, there is. You can find the checklists relevant to each measure in section “Appendix 2‐ Checklists for Energy Efficient Upgrade works” in the Better Energy Homes QADP.


2.2 - How can I appeal reworks identified by the Inspection Team?

If an inspection returns reworks:

  1. You will receive a Reworks form with a deadline of four weeks to complete reworks and return the Reworks form to
  2. To Appeal the Reworks decision you must appeal in two weeks using the Reworks Appeal form.
  3. If you fail to complete reworks within four weeks of the date of the letter, and do not appeal the reworks decision, you will be deregistered until the reworks are completed.


2.3 - Wall Insulation – What is a Whole-Surface Solution?

Whole-surface solutions mean:

  • Insulation of all walls achieving optimum insulation.
  • Some houses might require a mix of wall measures, eg. part cavity insulation and part external insulation.
  • Grants are given on the basis of a whole-house solution, and affordability is not accepted as a reason for partial wall insulation.
  • Grants are paid based on the greatest measure by wall area, and mixed-measures must be detailed on the Declaration of Works form.
  • Give advice to the homeowner what’s the best whole-surface solution for their house.
  • The u-value after works must be a minimum of 0.27 W/m2K for external and internal insulation, and 0.35 W/m2K for cavity insulation (an exception is made for small cavities).

For further information, please refer to the Domestic-Technical-Standards-and-Specifications, Section 6.2, and the SEAI Contractors Code of Practice, Section 5.1.

3.1 - How can I amend/add contact details to my profile?

Send your updated details to and include supporting documentation where applicable.


3.2 - My company name has changed. Do I need to notify SEAI?

Yes, you do.

To request a company name change:

  1. Send an email to from the email address registered with SEAI, or a letter on company headed paper.
  2. Include the updated Declaration of Insurance with the new Company name as well as updated Tax details (Tax Number and 6-digit TCAN Number)
  3. Include a certificate of name change from the CRO (if registered with them) stating the new company name and the associated CRO number.


3.3 - I’ve done some extra qualifications. How can I add these as new measures to my SEAI profile?

  1. Send the details to from your email address that’s registered with SEAI. Alternatively send it in writing on company headed paper and signed by the key contact.
  2. Include all relevant certifications.
  3. If the Declaration of Insurance on file does not include cover for the new measure a new updated DOI must be submitted showing the new measures ticked on the form.


3.4 - How can I complete further training?

There are multiple resources available, below are just some suggestions:

  1. - The National Construction Training Centre is a Retrofitting and NZEB Centre of Excellence for the midlands. Additional training centres are located across the country. Visit for further information.
  2. Webinars and technical bulletins on Support for Contractors
  3. NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland)

Quality Management Systems

All contractors working on SEAI programmes are required to have a Quality Management System in place.

An effective Quality Management System will help contractors manage grant works from start to finish resulting in faster payments, better compliance, a reduction in the costs associated with remedial works and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

SEAI regularly holds in-depth webinars on the fundamentals of Quality Management Systems. The webinar briefs contractors on:

  • General quality management frameworks
  • Management of grant installations
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Documentation requirements
  • Quality management tools and templates

Below you will find some useful quality management resources including a copy of the webinar recording and presentation, along with a quality management template. It is highly recommended that all nominated personnel, your quality manager and any staff involved in processing grant-related works familiarise themselves with these resources.


Technical guidance and safety notices

Heat Pump System

Heat Pump Designer/Installer Sign Off Sheet

The worksheets in the Better Energy Homes Heat Pump Designer Installer Sign Off Sheet must be completed by the registered contractor. For the heat pump systems installed under Better Energy Homes, these are equivalent to the “Designer Installer Sign Off Form” required for the purpose of the BER.

Ecodesign Technical Data

In the table below you can find links to heat pump manufacturer's Ecodesign Technical Data for their products:

Heat Pump Association of Ireland Installation Guidelines

The HPAI Installation guidelines, developed by the Heat Pump Association of Ireland, contain important technical guidance for the installation of heat pump systems.

Room Heat Loss and Radiator Sizing Guidance

Guidance on the heat loss calculation and radiator sizing/verification for heat pump system grants.

Solar technical guidance and calculator

In accordance with the Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications, contractors must only install products listed on the Solar Thermal Registered Product List. Please note that even if the solar collector is listed on the register, this does not mean that a specific product will meet the sizing requirement of the grant. Contractors are required to select the appropriate product that will meet the required specifications of the grant programme.

To register a product on the Solar Thermal Registered Product List, you must complete and return a Solar Thermal Product Registration Form.

Important safety notices that must be signed by homeowner

Technical bulletins

The following documents provide technical guidance on the installation of grant works. The purpose of these bulletins is to help contractors maintain quality and ensure compliance with programme requirements.

Contractor Training Videos

The aim of the training videos is to assist you with installations and ensuring compliance with the grant programme standards, specifications and regulations.

Marketing guidance and use of logos

  • It is not permitted to use the SEAI logo and Better Energy logo on any publication or visual medium, in relation to the Better Energy Homes programme. This includes print and broadcast advertising, brochures, flyers, direct mail, point of sale material, online collateral, branded vehicles and phone directories.
  • No references may be made to SEAI or the Better Energy programme, which may infer any form of endorsement.
  • Where a contractor is SEAI registered, the following statement may be included; ‘[Company Name] is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes programme’.

Additional Support for Domestic Solar PV Companies & Installers

Our support and guidance documents for Solar PV will help you ensure the works you carry out under the Domestic Solar PV Scheme meet the required SEAI Standards.

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