Use the advisory report provided with your BER certificate to help you plan home energy upgrades. Find out what's included in the updated report.

The BER advisory report

When you have a BER assessment completed you will receive a package containing a BER certificate and an advisory report.  

What it includes

We have made a significant update to the BER advisory report from June 2021. The updated report provides a personalised roadmap for homeowners on how to upgrade their home to a target of a B2 energy rating, or better. This is in line with the targets within the Climate Action Plan.

The updated advisory report includes:  

  • Colour coded performance indicators for the home’s current status and its potential following the installation of recommended upgrades
  • A recommended package of upgrades to improve the dwelling to a target of a B2 or better,
  • A ‘fabric-first’ approach to achieving an improved BER where appropriate
  • Approximate cost indicators and grant availability for individual upgrades
  • Clearer, more targeted advice on simple measures that may be considered by the homeowner in order to improve the energy efficiency of their home
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A first step towards energy upgrades

The advisory report contains an energy improvement plan that is tailored to your home. You can use some or all of the recommendations it contains to help you plan any future home energy upgrades. It provides a first step to help homeowners plan energy upgrades for their home with a professional.

The goal

The goal of the plan is to bring your home from its current BER rating up to a B2 rating or better. The range of measures recommended in the report will depend on the property and its current BER rating. The lower the BER rating of a property the more measures it is likely to need to achieve the B2 rating goal.

While the majority of advisory reports will recommend measures to achieve a B2 energy rating or better, not all dwellings can achieve a B2, for example heritage buildings. While a B2 may be difficult to achieve for some dwellings, any improvement in the BER will be worthwhile.

Find out how home energy upgrades can make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run.

How to use the advisory report

  • Understand how your home performs and how to make it more comfortable and affordable to run.
  • Provide information on home energy upgrades to discuss with a professional or contractor.
  • Identify simple steps you can take to improve the comfort of your home, if grant supported works aren’t suitable for you right now.
  • Start the grant application process with SEAI.

Find out more about our 3 step process to upgrade your home's energy efficiency.

How the report is generated

The advisory report is generated by a BER assessor based on the inputs from the BER assessment. Find out how to prepare for a BER assessment.

It also supports the government's Climate Action Plan, by advising on preparing the home for a heat pump, moving away from fossil fuels.

Talk to your BER assessor

If you have any questions regarding your home's BER rating and to discuss the recommendations in the advisory report. It's also very important to consult a professional before getting any works done.

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