Find out who needs a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate. Check to see if your property already has one.

Search for a BER certificate

Check the SEAI National BER Register to see if your property already has a valid BER certificate or to review further details of the BER of a property being advertised. You will also be able to see the BER expiry date.

To search the register you will need two of the following pieces of information about the property:

  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) from the top of the electricity bill
  • BER number from the BER Certificate and Advisory Report
  • Eircode

Please note that BERs published before 2019 may not have an Eircode associated with them. You therefore will need to search using the MPRN and BER number.

Expired or revoked BERs will not appear when searched for on the National BER Register. For support, please contact the BER Helpdesk.

When you purchase a property, we recommend you request, from the seller, a copy of any documentation used to support the BER calculations associated with the BER certificate. This documentation may provide important information on the construction type, heating and ventilation systems and renewables of the property you are purchasing. We recommend that this information be retained by the building owner to inform any subsequent BER published for the property. Further information on BERs is available here.

Expiry date

A BER certificate is valid for up to 10 years, unless the owner makes changes that will impact on the dwelling's energy performance - a new house extension or a new heating system for example.

We cannot provide copies of expired BERs to homeowners, sellers or renters under the S.I. 243 Regulations. If a BER cert has expired you should have a new BER assessment carried out on your home.

Check the SEAI National BER Register

Request a copy of your BER Certificate


You can request a copy of the BER certificate and advisory report from the BER assessor. If you are unable to contact the assessor please contact the BER Helpdesk with the following information:

  • MPRN number for the property from the top of the electricity bill or
  • BER number from the BER Certificate and Advisory Report
  • You will need to confirm the property address and that you are the owner of the property

Once we check this information, we will send you a copy of the BER certificate by email or post.

Estate agents or property managers

To request a replacement or copy of a BER certificate email our BER Helpdesk with details of the:

  • house address
  • MPRN or BER number
  • a scanned signed letter on headed paper confirming you are acting on behalf of the homeowner

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, postal requests for BER Certificates may result in delays.

When BER certificates are needed

Properties for sale or rent

A BER certificate is compulsory for all homes available for rent or sale. This includes new buildings that have not been occupied. You should be able to view or get the BER rating, BER number and energy performance indicator:

  • from the property advertisements
  • from the selling or rental agent

If these BER details are not included within the advertisement of the property, you should contact the selling or letting agent or notify your local building control authority.

New buildings

If you are buying a new building off the plans, you will be provided with a provisional BER. A provisional BER is valid for 2 years and is based on the design and drawings of the home. Following the construction of the dwelling, you should be provided with a new-final BER certificate. The new-final BER is an assessment of the home, as constructed, and includes a survey of the completed building.


Some buildings and structures do not need a BER certificate when they are being offered for sale or rent. These include protected structures, national monuments and places of worship. You can see the exceptions outlined in Section 4 of S.I. 243.

Revoked BERs

If your BER does not appear on the National Register it may have been revoked. Your BER may be revoked following an audit under SEAI's Quality Assurance process. If your BER is revoked your BER assessor should inform you of the revocation and the reasons for the revocation and request you to destroy the revoked BER certificate and Advisory Report. They should then give you a replacement BER Certificate. If your BER Assessor is unable to replace your BER, they should provide you with a refund.

BER helpdesk

Contact us with any questions about your BER.

Call: 01 808 2054