This section describes BER assessment data, who can access it and how to access it.

About BER Assessment Data

An individual BER data file includes the data inputs to the calculation software to calculate the BER, the BER certificate and the advisory report. A BER assessment includes the MPRN of the property as well as the address. This information has the potential to identify the building owner and is therefore regarded as personal data and is subject to the requirements of the GDPR.

S.I. NO.243/2012 sets out the type of individual BER data files that can be made available and who can access this data.

Accessing BER Assessment Data

Individual BER Assessment Data files

SEAI National BER Register

SEAI maintains a BER register in accordance with S.I. NO. 243/2012. The BER register provides an extract of the BER data file for an individual building. You can review this data extract and download the BER certificate and accompanying advisory report if you have either the MPRN or the BER number for the building.

Check the SEAI National BER Register here.

BER Assessment Data File 

The BER register only displays an extract of the data associated with a BER assessment. S.I. NO. 243/2012 sets out who can access the full BER data file as follows:  

  • The BER assessor (or their employer) who carried out the relevant BER assessment  
  • A BER assessor (or their employer) undertaking a subsequent BER assessment of the relevant building 
  • The relevant building owner or their agent. 

Further information on how to request a BER Assessment Data file is available here.

BER Data Sets

There are a number of data sets available to the public providing information on published BERs. These are set out below. 

BER Publication Data 

SEAI publishes data on BER publications including numbers of each BER grade on the public register and numbers of monthly publications since 2007 to date. This information is updated monthly and is available for both domestic and non-domestic BERs. 

The Domestic BER Dashboard is available here.

The Non-domestic BER Dashboard is available here.

National BER Research Tool 

This is an anonymised domestic BER data set available for use by the public. This data set contains about 75% of the information contained within the BER data file and data you can download the results as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This data is updated nightly and provides an up-to-date summary of published ratings. You must register to access the information. 

Access the SEAI National BER Research Tool here


The BER map of Ireland gives access to building energy information on dwelling clusters within Ireland. This map has been designed to showcase the benefits of using geo-located BER data. The underlying data has also been provided to allow others to undertake their own analysis and mapping projects.   

The SEAI BER Map is available here

CSO analysis of BER data 

The CSO publishes a detailed analysis of BER data every quarter. 

Analysis of domestic BER data is available here

Analysis of non-domestic BER data is available here

Can’t find what you are looking for?

It may be possible for us to provide you with a BER dataset not currently provided within the data sources above. Any data requests will be assessed in relation to the requirements set out in the S.I. NO. 242/2012 and the GDPR. 

You can make a request for BER data by sending an email to

Please provide as much information as you can including:

  • Who is requesting the data
  • What specific data is required
  • Why do you require the data

Once you have sent an email submitting your data request, we will review your request and let you know whether your request has been approved, or rejected, or if further clarifications are needed. We will then work to gather the data requested and share it with you as soon as possible. Please provide as much detail as you can so we can best process your request.