The Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure is Ireland's official method for calculating the Building Energy Rating of new and existing dwellings.

DEAP Software

Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) is a software and manual which calculates energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. It considers space heating, ventilation, water heating, and lighting in a dwelling. DEAP is free to download but be sure to view the terms and conditions within the links below before downloading.

DEAP is used by registered BER Assessors to calculate the BER of new and existing dwellings and to demonstrate compliance with aspects of the Building Regulations. You can learn how to use DEAP by undertaking a training course and registering as a BER assessor.

Download DEAP

There are two versions of the DEAP software available to BER Assessors. Click on the relevant button below for further information on the software and link to the software.

Visit DEAP 4.2.0    Visit DEAP 3

DEAP tools and information

​Introduction to DEAP

This document describes the principles of DEAP for those involved in the research, design, construction or retrofit of dwellings. It is also useful for anyone wishing to understand the technical basis for BER certificates and Advisory Reports.

Technical Support

We recommend that you consult the DEAP Technical Bulletins before contacting us.

Heat pumps

The tool below is a calculator that accepts inputs from DEAP and the heat pump system designer/installer, and then produces outputs to include in DEAP.

The methodology to assess heat pumps in DEAP was updated based on the Ecodesign (2009/125/EC) and Labelling (2010/30/EU) European directives. The guidance here supersedes Appendix G of DEAP Manual (v3.2.1) - July 2012.

The sign off form is be completed by the heating system designer/installer for the dwelling being assessed.​

Heat pumps Consultation

SEAI sought feedback via a public consultation on proposed changes to the methodology and calculations for heat pumps entered in DEAP assessments for BERs and Part L compliance checking in dwellings. The consultation period ended on the 17th of May.

Solar Space Heating - Group Systems

This guidance and calculator helps BER assessors determine the solar contribution from a group solar space heating system that applies to an individual dwelling linked to that system.

Solar Space Heating - Individual Systems

This guidance and calculator helps BER assessors account for the contribution of active solar thermal systems to both domestic hot water and space heating requirements of a dwelling.

Thermal Bridging

This guidance and application helps BER assessors to calculate a non-default Thermal Bridging Factor for use in DEAP.

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