If your oil or gas boiler is currently over 10 years old or you are due to replace your current heating system, then the SEAI recommends that you consider the advantages of installing a heat pump and plan ahead

  • Heat pumps are the best of modern heating technology, boasting unparalleled efficiency and an A-rated performance. 
  • Homeowners can significantly increase the comfort of their homes with a heat pump. 
  • Trust the technology. Heat pumps use less energy, are reliable and offer a healthier living environment for everyone. 
  • Government grants up to €10,500 available towards heat pump installation. 

Heat pumps are the best heating system out there for homes that are well insulated. In many cases, installing a heat pump often requires little changes to your existing heating system, working well with existing radiators. Over 100,000 homeowners across Ireland have already embraced the future of heating and are experiencing the benefits of a heat pump.  

Brian McIntyre, heat pump specialist with SEAI says: 

“Heat pumps use less energy while maintaining a constant indoor temperature all day which makes a big difference in comfort you feel in your home. And because a heat pump uses significantly less energy than an oil or gas boiler, it is often less expensive to run, even when electricity prices are high. You also have Government grants, not only for heat pumps, but for insulation and solar panels. These upgrades improve home comfort and make a big difference by minimising your energy consumption, meaning lower energy bills. For example, a noughties built semi-detached home might save 5-10% after a cavity wall and attic insulation upgrade and switching to a heat pump.”  

McIntyre continued:

“Heat pumps are tried and tested; they’ve been in use in Scandinavia for decades. Switching to a heat pump is a great choice for you and your home, but you’re also helping Ireland to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reducing our carbon emissions. It's an investment in your home comfort that benefits us all.” 

SEAI is encouraging homeowners to be part of Ireland’s energy revolution. As the push for sustainable energy sources gains momentum, heat pumps provide a part of the solution in reducing Ireland’s carbon footprint. SEAI's commitment to facilitating this transition ensures homeowners are empowered to embrace clean energy alternatives without compromising on comfort or convenience.  

SEAI offers home energy upgrade grant options to match your budget and needs. Whether you choose to carry out a complete home energy upgrade through SEAI’s One Stop Shop service, or carry out individual energy upgrades over time, both options offer significant Government grants. You can get a grant of up to €10,500 for a heat pump system via a One Stop Shop and individual insulation grants of up to €8,000.  

Wouldn’t you like to live in a more comfortable, economical, and cleaner home? 

To learn more about the benefits of installing a heat pump in your home, listen to our podcast “Should I Switch to A Heat Pump”.

You can find further information about SEAI Home Energy Upgrade grants below.

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