SEAI encourages people to take the first steps towards changing how they use energy this Earth Hour

As millions of homes, communities and landmarks switch off lights to highlight global climate action this Earth Hour, SEAI is encouraging everyone to take a meaningful steps to change how we use energy long-term. Earth Hour is a global environmental event which calls on people to switch off their lights for an hour on Saturday, 27 March at 8:30pm.

Commenting on Earth Hour 2021, Tom Halpin, Head of Communications at SEAI said:

In the last twelve months we have spent more time than ever before in our homes and our communities. And though we have spent less time in our cars, the time is coming when day-to-day travel will return. Changing how we use energy in these settings will go a long way to reducing our collective impact on the climate. It is here that our actions can make a real difference. This is an chance to think about energy use in our homes, in our communities and in how we travel and commit to taking action to reduce our climate impact long after Earth Hour has passed.
Tom Halpin , Head of Communications at SEAI
  1. Take the first step towards a warmer more comfortable home
    • Investing in home energy upgrades will make your home warmer and more comfortable for you and your family. It will also save you money and reduce your climate impact. The best first step you can take is to get a BER assessment carried out by an SEAI registered BER assessor.
    • After the assessment, you get a BER certificate and an advisory report which sets out priority energy upgrades to improve the energy performance of your home.
  2. Take the first step towards driving an electric vehicle (EV)
    • Walking, cycling, and public transport are the most climate friendly ways to travel, but if you must drive then drive electric. Today almost 40% of Ireland’s electricity comes from renewable energy. This means that mile for mile when you drive an EV here it is responsible for less than half the CO2 emissions of a typical petrol or diesel car.
    • SEAI research shows that motorists tend to be more confident that an EV will suit their lifestyle and are more likely buy one once they have test driven an EV. So, take the first step and book a test drive with your local car dealership once it is safe to do so.
  3. Take the first step towards helping your community
    • While individual climate action is vitally important, real impact and momentum comes when we work together. Across the country, community groups are taking climate action into their own hands and improving their locality. There are over 500 sustainable energy communities around Ireland completing long-term energy projects involving homeowners, sports clubs, community centres, local businesses, and schools.
    • You can help change the way your community thinks about and uses energy by joining a SEAI Sustainable Energy Community.


For more information on home energy, electric cars and Sustainable Energy Communities visit here.

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