180 degrees is a new podcast series that looks at the energy choices we make when it comes to transport, our homes, business and technology.

About the SEAI podcast

Throughout the series we talk to guests such as architect Dermot Bannon and quantity surveyor Lisa O’ Brien about tips for home energy upgrades. We talk to experts in the field of motoring, journalist Geraldine Herbert and car reviewer Mark Noble (aka Nobby from FM 104) about the future of electric cars. Ali Sheridan, Country Sustainability Leader at IKEA, Dublin and Bernadette Phelan from Business in the Community Ireland join us to discuss what businesses can do to tackle climate change.

We also look at Ireland’s energy future and talk to guests Liam Delaney, Professor of Economics at UCD and Liz Walsh, meteorologist from the Met Éireann forecasting division about their views.

To finish, we chat to Cool Planet Champion Karen Finnigan and actress / climate change activist Aoibhéann McCann about what  individuals can do now to support our transition to a low carbon economy. Where do they start?  

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Episode 1: Should I buy now or wait to buy an electric car?

In this episode, we discuss the electric car market in Ireland and Europe, and where perhaps the market will be by 2030 with journalist and motoring expert Geraldine Herbert, car reviewer Mark Noble, and Graham Brennan, Transport Programme Manager with SEAI.

Episode 2: Is an A rated home achievable for everyone?

Are you interesting in learning more about how Irish houses perform compared to years ago?

This round table discussion talks about Ireland’s attitude to housing and energy upgrades with guests; architect Dermot Bannon, social affairs correspondent for the Irish Times Kitty Holland, SEAI architect Jenny Power and financial journalist and broadcaster Sinead Ryan.

Episode 3: How much is it to upgrade my home?

Are you thinking about upgrading your home? Our latest podcast will give you all the tips and advice you need to know about energy upgrades and grants.

We also talk about the costs of energy upgrades with quantity surveyor Lisa O’Brien as well as reviewing building technologies with SEAI architect Jenny Power and retrofit specialist Brian McIntyre.

Episode 4: Are businesses doing enough to tackle climate change?

Do you think Irish firms have a role in tackling climate change? For many companies; time, funding and lack of knowledge can be obstacles. There is also the fear of drifting into merely green-washing.

For an in-depth chat on this topic, we speak to; Ali Sheridan, Sustainable Leader at IKEA, Irish Times journalist Mark Hilliard, Bernadette Phelan from Business in the Community Ireland and Fergus Sharkey, Head of Public and Private Sector Business at SEAI.

Episode 5: What will Ireland's energy future look like?

What are the are the behavioural and tech trends for the future

With climate change at the centre of this debate - we talk to Liam Delaney, Professor of Economics at UCD about our behaviour and attitudes towards this subject along with views from meteorologist Liz Walsh at Met Éireann. We also get a future tech and energy perspective from Ruth Buggie, programme manager at SEAI.

Episode 6: What can an individual do to tackle climate change?

There are many people who want to make a difference but are not sure where to start. In this episode, we talk about the challenges and opportunities available for people in Ireland. 

Chatting to us on this topic is actor and climate change activist Aoibhéann McCann, Environment and Science Editor at the Irish Times Kevin O’Sullivan, Gillian Gannon from SEAI’s community programme and Karen Finigan, Cool Planet Champion and chairperson of the Kilanerin Ballyfad Sustainable Energy Community in Wexford.

Bonus Episode: Special Podcast with former president Mary Robinson

Delighted to bring you this very special espiode recorded with former president Mary Robinson. Mary joined us at our recent Public Sector conference where over 700 public sector representatives came together to learn more and be inspired to take action. The theme of the day was ‘Accelerating leadership towards 2030’. Marys focus on climate change both locally and internationally serves as an inspiration to many. She exemplifies leadership values and we were delighted she agreed to speak at our conference and share her wisdom.

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