In September 2022, the Government of Ireland required all public bodies to commit to saving between 5-10% of their energy use, and 15% in buildings, over winter 2022/2023.

OPW measured Savings

83% of the buildings measured exceeded the 15% building savings target

Who signed up?

220 organisations signed up, representing over 80% of the public sector's energy use.

Public Sector's Energy Use 
80% of Energy Use80

Staff Survey

Through energy teams in public bodies, the campaign collected staff attitudes towards heating and energy saving in October and November 2022 (before and after the first month of the campaign).

  • 90%

    agreed or strongly agreed that staff can have a major impact on energy use at work
  • 71%

    believed that saving energy at work is something they should be personally responsible for.
  • 81%

    agreed or strongly agreed that saving energy should be a priority for their organisation
  • 67%

    agreed or strongly agreed to heat workspaces to 19°C

Self-reported Savings

Most organisations who reported savings achieved the 5-10% organisational saving target, and many exceeded it significantly.

“We have found the Reduce Your Use initiative to be a hugely positive experience in general. That we can see the gains being made with our monthly meetings with our energy consultants only enhances this. We look forward to continuing to reduce our energy use.”
Government Agency