Find out more information on the Reduce Your Use delivery process and an overview of the key resources for Reduce Your Use 2023/24.

Reduce Your Use Resources

To access the resources you will need to join our Reduce Your Use 2023/24 Community of Practice on Energy Link.

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Reduce Your Use delivery process

To get started, we recommend that your Energy Performance Officer:

  • Commits the organisationto taking part in the campaign by signing up
  • Appoints the RYU Coordinator for the campaign
  • Allocates appropriate resources matched to the scale of the campaign from the Energy Team
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The RYU Co-ordinator and team:

  • Agree focus areas
  • Complete SEAI’s baseline survey
  • Identify opportunities Establish campaign goals/targets
  • Develop a Register of Opportunities
  • Confirm resources and materials
  • Set timescales
  • Allocate responsibilities
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The RYU Co-ordinator and team deploy Reduce Your Use Engagement Materials

SEAI’s Engaging People framework can be used and adapted for the Reduce Your Use campaign

The 5Es will help to segregate your activity to ensure a comprehensive campaign

  • Enable (remove barriers)
  • Engage (involve staff)
  • Exemplify (role models)
  • Encourage (e-mails, stickers etc.)
  • Energise(make it fun)
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The RYU Co-ordinator and team:

  • Select Recommended Actions to implement
  • Monitor progress
  • Measure savings
  • Out-of-hours checks and energy audits
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RYU Coordinator and Team

  • Communicate progress
  • Conduct overall review and report on campaign results to management and staff
  • Complete SEAI/OPW Close-out Survey
Resources to help you feedback on successes