Join the SEAI Register of Energy Auditors and conduct energy audits under the Energy Audit Scheme.

What is a registered energy auditor?

A Registered Energy Auditor is an energy professional registered with SEAI for the purposes of completing an energy audit in accordance with the Energy Auditing Scheme in Ireland. The scheme was established in accordance with Regulation 12 of SI 426 of 2014.

Role of the energy auditor

As a registered Energy Auditor you may be contracted by a large enterprise to carry out an energy audit. You may be required to:

  • Validate an audit completed internally. Only an SEAI Registered Energy Auditor can sign off on the energy audit.
  • Validate that any alternative route to compliance meets the requirements of Annex VI of the directive.     
  • Present the completed findings to, and get the CEO and/or Senior Director of the large enterprise to sign off on the audit. 

Minimum qualifications required

To be included on the register of Energy Auditors, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have a technical qualification, minimum level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree, in a relevant discipline such as engineering, architecture, or building services.
  • Have at least 7 years relevant professional work experience since achieving the above qualification.

Must be awarded one of the following titles:

  • Energy Institute Chartered Energy Engineer
  • Energy Institute Chartered Energy Manager
  • Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager*
  • Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Auditor
  • Practicing Non Domestic BER Assessor registered with SEAI

*Note: Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineer Members who can demonstrate the required experience for the Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager (CEM) title above can apply for a direct route to the CEM examination via Engineers Ireland at

Optional Energy Efficient Design Expert (EEDE) Requirements

The below training is currently deemed to have fulfilled the optional requirement for Energy Efficient Design:

  • SEAI Energy Efficient Design Training

The optional provision of this training evidence will mean that you are listed as an EED Expert on the public register.

How to register

Before you register please read our detailed application guidance notes.

  1. Complete and sign the application form
  2. Supply a Registered Energy Auditors Certificate of Insurance Form
  3. Provide Tax Reference Number (TRN) and Tax Clearance Access Number (TCAN)
  4. Enclose copies of the following documents
    • Degree Certificate
    • Additional registrations, educational certificates/qualifications
    • Certified copy of drivers licence or passport

Code of practice for energy auditors

You will also be required to follow the Code of Practice for Energy Auditors.

Registration fees

There is no fee for registration at present. This may be subject to change in the future.

Competency assessment template

Auditors may wish to use the competency assessment template for use when quoting businesses for audit work.

Important Notice for Registered Energy Auditors

SEAI has issued important information concerning changes to the registration renewal process and new mandatory training for registered energy auditors

The purpose of this Notice is to inform currently registered energy auditors, and energy professionals who may wish to join the register of energy auditors, of the changes, how the changes apply, and what currently registered energy auditors need to do next.

Learn more about Important Notice for Registered Energy Auditors