This information will help you prepare to take the BER Assessor exam.

About the exam

Length and format

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Format: 50 multiple choice questions, randomly selected from a question bank. There is only one correct answer for each question
  • Delivery: The examination can be taken with an easy-to-use touch screen or a mouse and keyboard

Pass score

Candidates must achieve at least 50% in each section and achieve an overall score of at least 70% to pass the examination. Domestic BER trainers must achieve an overall score of at least 86%.

Test exams

Our internet based test environment lets you practice taking the domestic and non-domestic BER examinations beforehand. It contains sample papers that include exhibits and reference materials, and are similarly timed to the actual examination.

  • Visit the internet based test environment - you will need to create a login profile
  • Use this guide to the test environment to get the most from your practice sessions

Support on the day


Candidates may use a calculator during the exam provided it is silent, hand held, solar or battery-operated, non-programmable, and without paper tape-printing capabilities or an alphabetic keypad.

SEAI examination manual

Each candidate is provided with an onscreen SEAI Examination Manual containing the pdf documents listed below for use during the examination. Candidates may search the pdf documents using the onscreen search facility. Hard copy manuals are not provided.

Candidates must not write on any of the materials provided or they will be automatically disqualified. Candidates should ensure they are thoroughly familiar with the content of the relevant documents prior to sitting the domestic or non-domestic BER examination.

Domestic Examination Documents Non-Domestic Examination Documents  Documents Common to both Domestic and Non-Domestic Examinations
  • DEAP Manual Version 3.2.1
  • DEAP Survey Guide
  • Building Regulations TGD Part L - 2007 (reprint 2008)
  • Building Regulations TGD Part L - 2011
  • Domestic Technical Bulletins
  • Non-Domestic Survey Guide
  • iSBEM User Guide
  • SEAI Non-Domestic Technical Bulletins
  • Building Regulations TGD Part L - 2008
  • Building Regulations TGD Part F - 2009
  • Non Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide
  • NEAP Modelling Guide and SBEM Technical Manual
  • Code of Practice for Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessors and Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessors
  • EPBD 2002-91-EC (16th December 2002)
  • EPBD 2010-31-EU (Recast) (19th May 2010)
  • Quality Assurance System and Disciplinary Procedure
  • S.I. No. 243 of 2012
  • S.I. No. 666 of 2006

Arriving at your exam

When to arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes before your exam time. If you arrive late for your scheduled exam time, admission will be refused.

Your photograph

Your photograph will be taken when you register for your examination. You will then be signed in and the examination centre administrator will explain the exam procedures and show candidates to a workstation to take the examination.

Identification requirements

The exact name and date of birth used when booking your examination must exactly match the details on the photo ID you present at the examination centre. Acceptable forms of photo ID are a valid passport or driving licence. Candidates who fail to present original forms of ID will not be permitted to sit the examination and will lose their examination fee.

Examination centre rules

All candidates will have to adhere to the examination centre rules. Examination centres are monitored and video recorded in the event that any rule is breached.

After your exam

Examination results

You will be issued with a score report before you leave the examination centre. The score report gives a breakdown of the different sections in the examination and clearly outlines your mark in each section and the overall mark achieved. SEAI will maintain all examination data, and results will be held centrally and may be used by SEAI for future auditing purposes.

Next steps after a successful exam

SEAI will be notified immediately of all examination results.

  • Registered assessors who successfully pass the examination do not need to take any further action.
  • New candidates who successfully pass the examination and who wish to register as a BER assessor should complete the relevant domestic or non-domestic BER assessor registration form.

Repeat examinations

There is a minimum period of 5 working days between repeat examination dates. The standard charge of €100 + VAT per examination applies. Please call 1890 252 738 to request a new eligibility ID for repeat examinations. Where candidates fail the examination 4 times or more within a 12 month period, SEAI may exclude them from the registration process for a period of 24 months.


Candidates wishing to query their result must speak to the examination centre administrator before leaving the exam centre. They will be provided with a Customer Service Helpline - Cares Card to contact to request a re-mark of the test.

As part of this process, candidates must:

  • Appeal within 10 working days of the date of their test
  • Enclose the €15 appeal fee

Candidates should note that:

  • Any candidate known to be in breach of the examination rules cannot lodge an appeal
  • Failure to comply with the appeal process will forfeit the opportunity to appeal


The Prometric Cares helpline will conduct the re-marking of all tests and will provide the candidate with the result of this process within five working days. If it is found that the original marking was wrong, Prometric will:

  • Refund your appeal fee
  • Notify SEAI of the result of the re-mark

Contact the Prometric Cares helpline

Call 042 682 5678

Frequency of re-examination

SEAI regularly updates the domestic and non-domestic BER Examinations to reflect the current methodology and software, survey guide, code of practice and technical bulletins. Registered BER assessors must pass the relevant examination every two years to maintain their registration.

Contact us

Book, reschedule, cancel or appeal exams

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New eligibility ID for repeat examinations

Call 1890 252 738