To date, SEAI registered contractors have completed over 450,000 energy efficient upgrades in Irish homes. Register with SEAI now and grow your business.

How to become a registered contractor

By carrying out work on SEAI Programmes, you are playing a vital role in helping homeowners reduce their energy use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions and improve the comfort of their homes. By registering as an SEAI contractor, you will have the opportunity to develop your reputation and grow your business.

To become a registered contractor with SEAI please complete the following steps:

Step 1

Please complete and return the form below. Please note to become a registered contractor with SEAI for either Heat Pumps or Solar Thermal, you first need to register as a Renewable Energy Installer, please see for more information.

Step 2

Agree to carry out all works in accordance with SEAI standards, which are set out in the following documents:

Our Contractor Supports page offers a number of additional guidance documents to ensure works carried out meet the required SEAI Standards. Please study the information supplied and ensure that you are happy to meet these standards, as part of the Better Energy Homes programme.

Step 3

Please provide the following documentation to be completed by your Insurance broker.

Your will also need to provide a copy of your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) or electronic Tax Clearance Certificate (eTCC). In order to confirm to us that you have an electronic Tax Clearance Certificate you will need to provide us with your PPSN/tax reference number and your tax clearance access number.

Step 4

Send your completed registration form and other requested documents at:

Better Energy Homes Programme
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119
Co. Kerry

Sample contract note

Please note, as part of the SEAI Better Energy Homes programme, we require that all registered contractors put in place a contract with homeowners before agreed works commence. Only those personnel nominated by the contractor on their SEAI register application are permitted to sign the Declaration of Works (DOWs), as they have either installed the works, or attended site to supervise or inspect the installation.