A One Stop Shop simplifies the pathway to retrofitting a home for a homeowner. Learn more about the services a One Stop Shop provides and how you can register to become one.

How to register as a One Stop Shop

The purpose of a One Stop Shop (OSS) is to offer, manage and deliver an end-to-end service to the homeowner, advising on and carrying out all aspects of a home energy upgrade. The OSS will provide a service covering the full customer journey. This includes information provision and technical direction, completing all works and discounting of the grant from the cost levied to the homeowner, as well as monitoring energy savings.

Application Process

OSS applicants must apply to SEAI to become a registered OSS. SEAI will assess each application against set prequalification eligibility criteria and application evaluation criteria outlined in the OSS Registration Guidelines.

Registration encompasses a two-stage process. At both stages submit your application to onestopshop@seai.ie

To become a registered One Stop Shop with SEAI please complete the following steps:

Step 1

Each OSS applicant must submit a completed pre-qualification form as well as the documentation listed in the Checklist to successfully pass this step.

Step 2

Once a One Stop Shop has passed step 1, (pre-qualification), you will be invited to complete the OSS Application - Strategic Plan and provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with the various application criteria.

Submitted applications will be assessed based on defined evaluation criteria and scoring outlined in the registration guidelines.

Appointment Agreement

If successful and prior to registration, an OSS Appointment Agreement will be established and signed between SEAI and the One Stop Shop.

Contact us

For further information on the registration process or to submit your application, please email onestopshop@seai.ie or call 01 808 2162