Test sites facilitate the testing and development of wave, tidal and offshore wind energy technology at all technology readiness levels.

Current test site facilities

Ongoing improvement and expansion of our test and demonstration facilities is key to our ocean energy goals in Ireland. Our current facilities cover all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) from 1 - 9.

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Lir National Ocean Test Facility (Lir-NOTF) - Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork

Lir consists of state of the art wave tanks and electrical rigs that allow for scaled testing in a controlled environment.

SmartBay – Spiddal, Galway

The Marine Institute is collaborating with SEAI, SFI and BlueWise Marine to develop a national test and demonstration facility in north Galway Bay, near Spiddal. This 1/4-scale ocean energy test site is suitable for testing of marine renewable energy technology devices.

Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) - Belmullet, Co. Mayo

The Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) is being developed by the SEAI to facilitate testing of full scale wave energy converters and floating offshore wind technology devices in an open ocean environment. AMETS will be located off Annagh Head, west of Belmullet in County Mayo and will be connected to the national grid. SEAI was granted a Foreshore Lease for the AMETS site in 2014. All documentation in support of this lease application can be viewed below.

View Foreshore Lease Documentation

Testing protocol and requirements

Our recommended development and evaluation protocol for testing is set out in the UCC-HMRC document on Ocean Energy.

The verification checklist and technical requirements for each Technology Readiness Level is listed in the ESB TRL for Supply Chain Study for WestWave.