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  • Passionate

    We are enthusiastic about our role in working towards a sustainable energy society. We channel our passion and commitment into the way we operate to ensure that we will deliver for all of Irish society.

  • Courageous

    We understand the scale of Ireland’s energy challenge and accept our role in meeting this challenge. We understand that every one of us has a part to play in delivering the energy changes that Ireland needs.

  • Innovative

    We know that existing technologies and processes alone will not allow us to realise a fully sustainable energy society. We are continually learning, seeking new solutions, and constantly adapting to meet the demands of our fast-changing environment.

  • Trusted

    We appreciate the trust placed in us by citizens, communities, business and Government. We respect this trust and seek to maintain it by operating transparently, working with integrity, holding ourselves accountable and functioning independently.

  • Experts

    We recognise the importance technical expertise plays in achieving a sustainable energy future. We seek to further enhance this expertise within SEAI through research, critical thinking, consultation, listening, analysis and delivery.

  • Collaborative

    We will not succeed by operating in isolation. We actively look to work with all those in Irish society; listening to ideas, acknowledging concerns, incorporating feedback and looking to build strong relationships to support every individual, community and business in Ireland.

Our work at SEAI is guided by our values and we will continually measure ourselves against them.