We are currently developing a new strategy for the network to build on its reputation as one of the world’s leading energy efficiency networks.

  • 5.4%

    energy performance improvement for LIEN members compared to 2016
  • 6.3%

    of the total workforce in Ireland are employed by LIEN members
  • 82,700

    tonnes estimated CO2 emissions avoided by the network in 2017

SEAI supporting large industry

SEAI will work with members of the Large Industry Energy Network in 2019 through our ongoing mentoring support, special working groups and networking events. We will support you and help you meet your energy saving targets. Energy efficiency will continue to deliver significant dividends in terms of reduced costs and increased competitiveness for your business.

Exploring new ways to best facilitate access to information and expertise will be a central pillar of support for our members. The face-to-face interaction and discussion groups that these activities offer to members are always well received and will still be an important element going forward.  

New strategy

The new strategy currently under development for the network seeks to build on its reputation as one of the world’s leading energy efficiency networks. This strategy will revolve around the following core elements

Increasing the focus on engagement with strategic partners

Given the significant proportion of energy that the top 15 companies in the Network are responsible for, directing greater time, budget and effort at this small group will almost certainly see a positive return in terms of savings achieved. Developing a bespoke and relevant engagement strategy should also help to strengthen SEAI’s relationship with this high-impact group and increase collaboration and influence.   

Building the programme more heavily around ISO50001

Mature energy management companies who have been certified to ISO 50001 for a number of years are engaged and proactive members. We will encourage more companies within the Network to achieve ISO50001. In general these companies also report improved energy savings and often are the ones leading the pack in terms of innovation.

Using the Special Working Group model as the engine for the programme

Special Working Groups members share experiences on energy efficient design, specific technologies, process improvements and utilities. The Special Working Groups supported by SEAI-appointed experts will focus on a number of key projects for 2019 to better understand and support the delivery of these opportunities for improved energy performance and develop best practice guidance to share results with the wider network.

For those looking to take their first steps into energy efficiency, networking events are hugely beneficial. Companes get to share experiences, discuss challenges and new opportunities facilitated by industry experts. SEAI is already looking forward to collaborating with all LIEN members to support strategic approaches to energy management and to co-create innovative solutions to shared problems. We look forward to a positive and productive year in 2019. The key message going forward is seek support, put a structure around your energy management plan and get strategic.

MSD, Ballydine, discuss their energy management journey including their recent certification to ISO 50001 at four of their sites.