We are here to support your school in reporting your energy data using the M&R system. This will fulfil your obligations and help you towards your 2030 target.

Why schools should report

The Climate Action Plan 2021 set a target for schools to improve their energy efficiency by 50%. As part of this, schools are required to report annually on their energy usage through the M&R system. Our annual report on energy efficiency in the public sector includes details of the energy performance of the schools sector. We also make it possible for anyone to access energy data for all public bodies and schools through our online data portal.

As well as helping to track the school’s energy data annually, the online system provides a scorecard that presents a powerful snapshot of the school’s progress to date and online access to the school's annual electricity and natural gas consumption data.

Register your school

If this is your school's first time reporting, please request your username and password by clicking the button below.

Register your school for M&R

If your school logged in previously, then your login details will be the same. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, click on the relevant link on the system login screen.

Please note that if your school is an ETB school, then you are not required to register for M&R.  Your Education and Training Board already reports on behalf of your school.

2022 reporting deadline & key dates

The reporting cycle will open in early 2022. SEAI will write to school Boards of Management in early January to remind them of the reporting requirement. Key cycle dates are as follows:

Key cycle stageDate
M&R system open for data entry 10 January 2022
Final data deadline Friday, 8 April 2022
Final scorecard available 10 September 2022
Annual Report 2022 on Public Sector Energy Efficiency Performance December 2022

Attend a training workshop!

SEAI is offering M&R training workshops which will be held online via Zoom in February and March 2022.  Workshops are open to all schools. Trainers will also be available for some time at the end of the workshop to provide one-on-one support. Any representative that the school nominates can attend a workshop, such as Board of Management member, staff member, or parent. If your school has not yet used the online reporting system, you can register at any time by following the instructions above. Workshop attendees must have login details so they can log in to the system.

The duration of the new user workshop is 2.5 hours including comfort breaks, Q&A and optional one-to-one discussion with the trainer at the end of the session.  This year we are also hosting a refresher workshop of approximately 1.5 hour duration for those who have previously attended the training but would like to revise how to complete their report. 

To register for a workshop please go to our booking page on Eventbrite

Gather your data

Use the information below to gather and prepare your data. Don't forget to keep records for future reference and verification! Why not download and use the workbook at the end of this page?

Select your baseline

A baseline is the point in time against which you will measure your progress in saving energy. You only need to select your preferred baseline period once. You will need to report data for all years from your chosen baseline period to 2021.

Data required

You will need to report annual energy consumption and your pupil numbers for every year from your baseline onwards. So if you select the default 2013 baseline that means from the start of 2013 to the end of 2021. These are the main data items required from your baseline to 2021:

  • MPRNs & GPRNs for your electricity and natural gas. The system then accesses your energy consumption from the meter operators. You can find these on your past bills, usually in the top right-hand corner. Your MPRN will be 11 digits, and your GPRN will be 7 digits or less.
  • All other energy types: annual usage of energy (e.g. heating oil, LPG, diesel) by your school in kg, litres, kWh etc. (See Supports section at the end of this page for assistance with measuring heating oil usage.) You must specifically report if your school uses electricity for heating rooms. Most schools only have electricity and natural gas, LPG, kerosene or gasoil for heating. Some schools may own a school bus which consumes road diesel. Staff mileage and staff/student commutes to and from school are currently excluded unless transport is provided by the school.
  • Values for pupil numbers, full-time staff and your school’s floor area. (For guidance, see downloads and tips at the end of this page.)
  • Details of any energy saving projects undertaken and your approach to energy management (see energy management questionnaire in the supports section below).
A survey of school M&R system users found that 86% agreed that once you compile the data it’s easy to report using the on-line system. 75% of respondents spent less than 2 hours reporting (42% spent less than an hour). 72% agreed that having online access to energy data will be useful for managing energy use.
355 respondents

How to report

View and download the Quick Guide for schools using M&R. It's a quick reference tool specifically for schools that takes you through the key steps.


Alternatively, you can watch our step-by-step guidance videos for schools:

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School supports

We offer a range of supports to help you complete your report, including answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can not find what you need in any of the downloads below, please contact the M&R Helpdesk at mandr@seai.ie or 01 808 2012 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.