Enhance your Junior Cycle students’ knowledge, skills and competencies with these online activities and ideas.

Junior Cycle students

Energy in Action is a collection of online activities and ideas. We designed it to support the teaching and learning of energy and sustainability in the Junior Cycle. It is suitable for students of Science, CSPE, Geography and Home Economics.

An inquiry approach to energy and sustainability

These resources have been developed for use with an inquiry approach to education. They aim to enhance students’ scientific knowledge, skills and competencies. The focus is on providing students with opportunities to consider and tackle problems that the future holds, e.g. sustainable practices in schools, homes and beyond.

A range of topics linked to our daily lives

It will develop young peoples’ knowledge across a range of topics such as, energy sources, efficiency, conservation, climate change and global warming. These concepts will then be linked to students’ daily lives.

Programme development

The programme was developed by the SEAI in collaboration with Junior Cycle teachers and CASTeL at Dublin City University.

Additional resources

At the end of this page you will find a number of factsheets on energy and climate action that will help students to do their own research and ideas on how they can take climate action. They can also help to lead a class discussion. You will find details on how to order posters for your school.

Four themes

There are four different themes in the programme. These contain subsections with associated downloads and materials.

  • Theme A: Energy and Sustainability
  • Theme B: Heat Energy
  • Theme C: Energy Awareness
  • Theme D: Problem Solving in the Real World

Theme A: Energy and sustainability

Theme B: Heat energy

Theme C: Energy awareness

Theme D: Problem solving in the real world

D1: Retaining heat energyD2: Environmental impact of using energyD3: Cutting greenhouse gas emissionsD4: Smart packagingD5: Solar energy


Retaining heat energy overview

Energy usage by sector

Activity 1
Comparing Coffee Cups

Activity 2
Melting Ice

Worksheet B: Insulation Materials

Activity 3

Record sheet for U-values

Activity 4
Heating the Home

Activity 5
The Good Home

Environmental impact of using energy overview

Activity 1
Wind and Coal - The environmental impact

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Smart Packaging overview

Activity 1
Smart Packaging

Solar energy overview

Activity 1
Solar Energy


These factsheets will give you ideas to discuss the various topics in class, resources to help you teach them and ideas for projects your pupils can do. Many of these activities can help towards various Green Flags.

Free posters available

Order a set today for your school

A set of 5 different posters were inspired by the winners of the SEAI One Good Idea competition over the last number of years. To order a free set for your school e-mail schools@seai.ie and state if you want English or Irish posters.

Teacher Workshops and Presentation

SEAI provide free teacher workshops on the Energy in Action Junior Cycle resources. These have been developed in conjuction with the Junior Cycle for Teachers STE(A)M initiative.

Download - Energy Efficiency Presentation

Download - Sustainable Solutions Presentation

SEAI School Energy Experiments

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