In Ireland over 750 communities are working together to become more sustainable in how they use energy for the benefit of their community.

Energy communities look at projects across homes, transport, local business and community buildings such as schools, community centres, and sports facilities.

Benefits for Communities

  • Achieve financial and energy savings. 
  • Improve public wellbeing and comfort from energy efficient buildings. 
  • Boost local knowledge, skills and employment. 
  • Build capacity and leverage funding. 
  • Contribute to climate change targets. 
  • Support an equitable transition to a low carbon society. 

Supports for Communities

  • Assignment of a local SEAI mentor who will work with you and your interests/needs. 
  • Access to dedicated SEAI funding (€10,000-€25,000) to develop an Energy Master Plan. 
  • Kept up to date on network activities through the community platforms, e-zine, network only groups. 
  • Opportunities to attend regional/national training, events and webinars. 
  • Signposts to further funding opportunities 

Search our Network map to see your local Sustainable Energy Communities. There may be like-minded people in your area who have already made the step to join the network. So check the map to see if there an existing community in your area that you could join.

Start a Sustainable Energy Community

Getting started

Consider setting up your own Sustainable Energy Community and join the network. An energy project requires time, commitment and an informed approach. Working together as a community means a shared workload, better value for money, and a bigger impact. 

So, to start you need to get a group together who share you enthusiasm and drive and form a steering committee typically made up of different members or representatives from across the community who can contribute various expertise, skills and experiences to the committee, representing the wider interests of the community in a holistic manner.  Learn more about how to set up a steering committee.

Register your community

To join the network you will need to fill in the online registration form. We use this form to capture your key areas of interest and see how we can provide the right supports to you.  

Once your application to the Network is approved you will be assigned a local community mentor who will reach out to you to provide guidance and support. This will help you to start thinking about energy use in your own community in an informed way.  Your mentor will be able to share information on the programme and signpost to examples from other communities similar to your own.  

Online registration form

Your Community Mentor

SEAI mentors works in a local capacity at county level organised by one of 4 regional coordinators. This provides resources and support as close to the communities as possible.  

Your SEAI mentor is there to guide your sustainable energy community through the stages of the programme.

Learn more about Mentor support

Sustainable Energy Communities common goals

Use less energy

Energy efficiency is the cheapest and most straightforward way for a community to become more sustainable. Most communities have buildings with old or outdated insulation, lighting or heating systems.

Use clean energy

Switching from fossil fuels to renewables is the next step where possible. This can be by way of renewable heating systems, changing energy suppliers, or generating energy.

Use smart energy

Technology gives us more control over how we heat homes, drive cars, or light buildings. Where suitable, communities can use these technologies to compliment their other actions.