The OES TCP Members collaborate internationally to accelerate the viability, uptake & acceptance of ocean energy systems in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Executive Committee

The Ocean Energy Systems TCP is operating since 2001. It brings together countries to advance research, development and demonstration of conversion technologies to harness energy from all forms of ocean renewable resources, such as:

  • Tides, waves & currents; and
  • Temperature gradient (ocean thermal energy conversion and submarine geothermal energy) and salinity gradient for electricity generation, as well as for other uses, such as desalination.

The OES TCP Executive Committee Representative for Ireland is Dr. Shadi Kalash (SEAI).

For further information about the task, please visit the IEA OES TCP webpage.

Shadi Kalash

Ocean Energy - Programme Executive

Shadi Kalash has over thirteen years of experience in the industry, research and academia. Prior to joining the Ocean Energy Team in SEAI in October 2021, Shadi worked as a senior energy policy researcher for SEAI through a collaborative fellowship programme with UCD Energy Institute. He also has a wide experience in the industry having worked at Petrofac Int. Ltd. (an international energy service provider based in UK). Throughout his career at Petrofac, Shadi managed several projects from offshore wind farms, to the oil and gas industry where he was responsible for project management and technology evaluation/selection. Shadi graduated as a mechanical engineer with honours and have a PhD in renewable energy



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