Since 1977, the IEA Wind TCP has developed and deployed wind energy technology through vigorous national programs and co-operative international efforts.

Executive Committee

The International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Wind TCP) is an international co-operation that shares information and research activities to advance wind energy research, development and deployment in member countries. The Wind TCP Executive Committee Representative for Ireland is Mr. John McCann (SEAI).

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John McCann

Wind Energy - Programme Manager

John McCann is Wind Energy Programme Manager with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and is a Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years’ energy sector experience in both the public and private sectors. As Wind Energy Programme Manager he coordinates wind energy research within SEAI and provides policy support to Government.

His previous career included working as an Engineer and Engineering Manager for multinational companies. He has represented SEAI in key initiatives facilitating the development of the wind energy sector in Ireland including the Grid Upgrade Development Programme and the All Island Grid Study. More recently he initiated formation of the Irish Wind Energy Research Network with the aim of stimulating more wind energy research collaboration and world class research projects in Ireland.

He is the IEA Wind TCP Executive Committee member for Ireland and is the current Chair of that committee, in which role, along with the Vice-Chairs and Secretary, he coordinates the Executive Committee in their oversight of IEA Wind international collaborative research projects or 'Tasks'.



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