This project aimed to better understand public attitudes and social acceptance of wind farm projects

Project Insights

  • €69,658

    Total Project Costs
  • 1 yr

    Project Duration
  • 2017

    Year Funded

Project Description

Despite widespread public support for renewable energy, social acceptance of individual renewable energy projects by stakeholders has been unsatisfactory and public preferences and economic behaviour of stakeholders in relation to wind farms is poorly understood. This study, by NUI Galway, aims to quantify externalities and better understand the welfare implications of wind farm projects as well as public attitudes and economic behaviour associated with offshore and onshore wind farms in Ireland. Based on this study, the researchers will propose recommendations to enhance the future efficacy of renewable energy provision from wind farms.

Project Details

Total Project Cost: €69,658

Funding Agency: SEAI

Year Funded: 2017

Lead Organisation: National University of Ireland Galway

Partner Organisation(s): N/A

Thomas van Rensburg

Lead Researcher