Recovering methane from landfill gas is a substantial part of the renewable energy mix.

Project Insights

  • €33,272

    Total Project Costs
  • 1 yr

    Project Duration
  • 2015

    Year Funded

Project Description

This project focuses on optimising and enhancing methane gas recovery from three Bioverda landfill sites. This project aims to test whether a new type of remote/continuous monitoring technology developed AmbiSense Ltd. can provide superior data quality when compared to data from a handheld meter and whether this data can be used to improve the field balancing and gas-modelling processes and whether this subsequently translates into process efficiency and increased gas recovery. The project involves comparison across industry standards, data verification and calculation of improvement efficiency in the context of the cost of balancing. This project could enable gas to be recovered from sites previously deemed economically unviable and beyond that again, to improve the prediction and modelling tools used by the industry.

Project Details

Total Project Cost: €33,272

Funding Agency: SEAI

Year Funded: 2015

Lead Organisation: Bioverda Power Systems Ltd.

Partner Organisation(s): N/A

Donal O'Cinneide

Lead Researcher