The uptake of Deep Energy Retrofit could be accelerated if solutions to barriers such as lack of planning and project management tools were developed.

Project Insights

  • €50,000

    Total Project Costs
  • 1 yr

    Project Duration
  • 2018

    Year Funded

Project Description

The purpose of the R&D project proposed by XD Sustainable Energy Consulting Ltd, RetroKit 2.0, is to develop a cloud-based software platform and suite of applications which will enable the planning and implementation of deep energy retrofit projects in the residential sector in Ireland. This responds to stakeholder needs identified in a review of the policy environment and market research activities undertaken by XD Consulting, which emphasized the lack of independent planning and project management tools to support the housing energy retrofit value chain as a barrier to uptake. The proposed R&D project will build on an SEAI-funded project undertaken in 2017, and continue developing RetroKit: ; 1. by transferring RetroKit's software solutions to a secure, user-friendly cloud-based platform, with improved modelling and statistical analysis capability, integrating machine learning and data visualisation techniques, as well as context-based knowledge development.; 2. by creating new functionalities supporting project implementation, using a whole system approach and enabling a collaborative environment for the value chain.; The proposed platform will have Client Relationship Management and Software Quality Management, and enable the commercialisation of RetroKit 2.0 and ongoing Customer Support. We aim to pilot the proposed RetroKit 2.0 solutions in partnership with Cork City Council, with a view to support the development of a deep energy retrofit project including up to 50 social housing units. The results of the project will be widely disseminated and outreach activities will aim to raise awareness about the role of digitalisation in planning and implementing deep energy retrofit projects, ultimately resulting in increased capability in the value chain and uptake of support programmes.

Project Details

Total Project Cost: €50,000

Funding Agency: SEAI

Year Funded: 2018

Lead Organisation: XD Sustainable Energy Consulting Ltd

Xavier Dubission

Lead Researcher