(formerly Better Energy Homes) For a fast turnaround, manage your own home energy upgrade from planning to grant applications. Follow our easy step by step approach to applying for a grant.

Why manage your energy upgrades

Some homeowners and private landlords choose to manage their own home energy upgrades.

This option is suitable for homeowners and private landlords.

These grants are available to all homeowners and private landlords without means testing.

  • apply for individual energy upgrades like attic or wall insulation
  • manage your own project
  • choose your own contractor (from our registered list)
  • apply for the grant online
  • claim the grant after works are completed

Properties Owned by a Company/Organisation

Owner Management Companies (OMC) may avail of SEAI grants. An Owner Management company is defined as a private company which owns a series of residential dwellings.  It is common for Owner Management Companies to own apartment blocks or an estate of houses for example.

OMCs are advised to contact info@betterenergyhomes.ie prior to creating any grant applications for guidance on how to apply for an Individual Home Energy grant under the Better Energy Homes scheme.

Check your eligibility

Before you start, check that your home or property is eligible for a grant. The home must be built and occupied before:

  • 2011

    for insulation and heating controls
  • 2021

    for heat pumps and renewable systems

How to apply and manage your upgrade

If you decide to manage your own home energy upgrades you will be responsible for the entire process. This step-by-step guide shows you how to plan the project, including grant applications.

To decide on the energy efficiency upgrades best suited to your home, it's a good idea to:

  • Be aware of whether your property has previously received any grants for energy upgrades. If unsure, please call our helpdesk to enquire. You will need to provide your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) which is an 11 digit number found at the top right hand corner of your bill from your electricity supplier. If an energy upgrade has been previously incentivized, you unfortunately will not be eligible to claim any further grants in relation to this measure.
  • Carry out a BER assessment and use the Advisory Report which is attached to the BER report. This will give you a tailored home energy upgrade plan for your home.
  • Talk to a building contractor, architect, BER Assessor or energy advisor for advice.

The following grants are available to homeowners and landlords who decide to manage their own home energy upgrades. You must have grant approval in place before you start works. These grants are available to all homeowners and landlords without means testing.

Before you apply

Please ensure you are familiar with your comprehensive Homeowner Application Guide to Applying For and Claiming Cash Grants with Terms and Conditions.

Apply Online

To apply online you will need the MPRN number from your electricity bill and the name of your contractor from the SEAI register. Your application should be approved within minutes.

Apply by Post

Send your completed form to:
Better Energy Homes Scheme
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119
Co. Kerry

Download your Homeowner Application Form

Apply through an Energy Partner

You can apply through a registered Energy Partner. They will manage the grant application process and all paperwork on your behalf.

Apply online    Find out more about Energy Partners

If you are applying for the grant yourself, the next step is to select your contractor.

  • You must select an SEAI Registered contractor
  • Please ensure your contractor is registered for the type of work that they are carrying out.
  • Companies/contractors are registered with SEAI to ensure consumer confidence, optimum quality of service and best practice. SEAI does not approve, guarantee or warranty a company or their works.
  • Qualified contractors are registered on the basis of their commitment to installing the works in accordance with the SEAI Domestic Technical Standards and Specification (DTSS) and adherence to the programme Code of Practice and Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedures (QADP). Companies/contractors are also required to ensure tax and insurance compliance.
  • SEAI recommend you get at least four quotes from different companies, research the company online, ask to see references to past projects and/or speak to past customers of the company.
  • SEAI strongly advise that you do not proceed with works unless a written contract is in place between you and your contractor. This affords you appropriate levels of consumer protection.

Heat pumps

You must have grant approval in place before you start works.

Multiple grant applications

You can select multiple measures eg attic, wall, heating controls when applying. You may also wish to consider using an Energy Partner or One Stop Shop. Compare the options available.

Grant acceptance

If you applied online you should receive your grant offer immediately. If you applied by post you should receive your grant offer within 5 working days. You then have 30 days to accept the offer. After this period you will have to re-apply. You must have grant approval in place before you start works.

You have eight months from the date of the grant offer to complete the works on your home and return the paperwork. You can find the expiry date in your grant offer. Within this time you will need to:

You will receive a Declaration of Works form for each energy upgrade, by post. You need to complete and submit these forms and the Request for Payment form when the works and *BER are completed. Your registered contractor and your BER assessor will also need to complete them.

Bank Details: For your attention, please note both KBC and Ulster Bank are exiting the Irish market.  Please ensure that you use an alternative bank for processing of your SEAI grant payment to avoid any disruption with your payment.

*Homeowners must undertake a Building Energy Rating (BER) on their home after grant aided works have been completed. A homeowner is entitled to BER funding of €50 once per home. This funding will be applied to your grant application automatically provided other qualifying works are being funded under the Programme and you have never applied previously for BER funding.

You can submit the completed Declaration of Works form and Request For Payment form by email or post.

Submit by email

Send electronic copies of your completed forms by email to: info@betterenergyhomes.ie

Submit by post

Better Energy Homes Scheme
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119
Co. Kerry


Payment timeframes

  • Allow between 4 and 6 weeks for all grant payments

Please note that some installations may be subject to a home inspection by SEAI which will impact payment timelines

Important notes

  • Available to all homeowners and private landlords without means testing.
  • We cannot give extensions to grant offer periods. Grant applications for works done before or after the grant offer period are not eligible for payment.
  • Late forms are not eligible for payment and will result in grants being cancelled.
  • Incomplete or missing forms will result in your grant claim being rejected and all forms being returned to you. This may result in a delay and/or cancellation of your grant claim.
  • You are required to keep invoices and receipts for all completed works. You may be required to present them if we select your application for inspection.
  • Your application may be selected for inspection. This is to maintain a good standard of workmanship.
  • Contractors registered on the Better Energy Homes Scheme have agreed to comply with the Better Energy Homes Contractor's Code of Practice, Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications, Quality Assurance and Disciplinary Procedure and the Additional Information for Contractor’s registered with Better Energy Homes.
  • SEAI accepts no liability or responsibility, whether for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise, in respect of any claim or cause of action arising out of, or in relation to, any equipment, material, work, system or installation in respect for which grant approval was given by SEAI. The fact of registration on the registered Contractors List for the Scheme does not infer any warranty or endorsement of that contractor by SEAI.
  • Grants for Island Homeowners. Specific island homeowners may be entitled to additional grant support. A list of eligible islands can be found here.
  • Traditional Buildings:  For homes constructed before 1940, you may wish to consult a conservation architect for advice. These dwellings may require special consideration and modern insulation methods may not be appropriate. Alternative insulation methods should be discussed carefully with your contractor as they may not qualify for grant support. The Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings document provides useful guidance on the insulation of older homes.

Plan your home energy upgrade

Your home energy upgrade journey should be done in 3 steps. Following this process gives you the best results for your investment at every stage.

3 steps to a warmer home

Contact us

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Your Guide to Applying for and Claiming Cash Grants