This grant will help you install Solar Photovoltaic panels in your home to generate renewable electricity. Learn about the grant values and how to apply

Who is eligible

  • All homeowners, including private landlords
  • Home built and occupied before 31st December 2020
  • No previous funding for Solar PV at this MPRN

Before you apply


Calculate the payback

Grant value for solar electricity

* the grant is paid on a pro rata basis e.g. for a 2.5kWp system the grant value would be €1,950

Grant name Value Example

Solar PV grant

€900 per kWp up to 2kWp

€1800 for 2kWp solar panels


€300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp

Total Solar PV grant capped at €2400

€2100 for 3kWp solar panels

€2400 for 4kWp solar panels

How to apply

  • We advise you to shop around and get 4 different quotes from different registered companies.
  • Research the Company you have selected and look for references from them.
  • Check that the Company is on the SEAI register.
  • Make sure you have a contract in place.
  • SEAI does not approve, guarantee, or warranty a company or their works.

  • Apply for your grant and wait for your grant offer before you start the works. Do not start works until you receive the grant offer.
  • See below Top Tips for a smooth grant application process.

For your attention, please note both KBC and Ulster Bank are exiting the Irish market. Please ensure that you use an alternative bank for processing of your SEAI grant payment to avoid any disruption with your payment.

  • Your installer must apply to ESB Networks to connect the solar PV system to the electricity network.
  • This must be done before installing the Solar PV system.
  • This application process takes at least 4 weeks / 20 working days.

  • Your solar PV system can now be installed.

  • Before your grant can be processed you must get a post works BER carried out.
  • Arrange this once you receive your install date from your SPV company.
  • You must engage a BER assessor to do this
  • Many homeowners forget this step and end up waiting longer for their grant payment. Try to get your BER arranged immediately after your solar PV has been installed. This will speed up your grant payment.


  • Your solar PV company will give you the documentation related to your installation.
  • Try to get them to upload documents as soon as possible.
  • They will submit copies to SEAI electronically.


  • Applications for payment can only be processed once ALL documentation has been uploaded.
  • The post works BER is complete and published by your BER assessor.
  • From this point onwards, please allow between 4 to 6 weeks for payment, with additional time if an inspection is required.

Top Tips

These tips will help you create a successful Solar PV grant application and outline the actions you need to take to ensure a smooth grant process from start to finish:

  • The grant, once approved, is only payable in respect of the measure, size of installation and grant amount referenced in the Grant Offer. Should you wish to increase the size of your array, you will need to contact the Solar PV Team in advance of works commencing, including up to the day of the install, but before works start.
  • Get your BER arranged immediately after your solar PV has been installed. This will speed up your grant payment. Ensure BER assessor publishes it as soon as completed.
  • Check the company carrying out the installation is the company referenced in your approval letter/email.
  • Ensure your company uploads ALL the required documentation after installation, ideally within 1-3 days.
  • Check the bank account details that are entered in the portal are correct. Bank details must be your account (the applicant) or the Solar PV company’s account. You can log into your portal to check these details.
  • Retain all invoices, receipts and documents of completion of works for presentation to SEAI personnel should your home be chosen for QA inspection at some date in the future. These may also be required for your BER assessment.
  • Once inspections reworks are complete, payment will be processed 2 weeks after.
  • For any technical advice or queries, please contact our technical team, you can contact them on 012776977 or
Row of houses with solar panels on the roof

Compare home energy options

There are a number of options to get a full home energy upgrade. Compare them and take a step towards a warmer, more energy efficient home.

  • Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

    (Comprising Better Energy Homes and Solar PV schemes)

    Selection of individual grants for home energy upgrades

    Part funded with SEAI grants

    Homeowners manage their upgrades including:

    • contractor selection
    • grant application
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • homeowners and private landlords
  • One Stop Shop Service

    A complete home energy upgrade solution

    Part funded with SEAI grants

    Managed by a One Stop Shop including:

    • home energy assessment
    • grant application
    • project management
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • homeowners and private landlords
  • Fully Funded Energy Upgrade

    (Comprising Warmer Homes)

    For qualifying homeowners

    Fully funded by SEAI

    Managed by SEAI and includes:

    • home survey
    • contractor selection
    • contractor works
    • follow up BER

    Who this is for

    • qualifying homeowners in receipt of certain welfare benefits

Plan your home energy upgrade

Your home energy upgrade journey should be done in 3 steps. Following this process gives you the best results for your investment at every stage.

3 steps to a warmer home

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