ManufacturerMCZ GROUP S.p.A
Trade nameMCZ
Model nameFLUX HYDRO
Model qualifier
Model Identity no.
First Manufactured2013
Last manufacturedCurrent
Seasonal efficiency87.7% Efficiency class
Efficiency band Efficiency categoryCertified
Output Power13.50 - 13.50 kW Power at min burn rate3.40 kW
Measured fuel input at full output power17.24 at part output power4.77
Measured heat to water at full output power13.50 at part output power3.40
Measured heat to room at full output power2.500 at part output power1.10
Main typeClosed room heater with boiler FuelWood pellets
FlueOpen or roomsealed Fan assistanceFan
Elec. power firingW not firingW
Burner controlElectrical Additional ventilation rate
Tested by BodyActeco Certificate No.0049-13NB
Primary Trade Association
SEBNet or similar approval status 1Not approved/NA
SEBNet or similar approval status 2Not approved/NA
SEBNet or similar approval status 3Not approved/NA
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MCZ Group
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