ManufacturerAMG SpA
Trade nameKalor
Model nameQUADRA.8CTR
Model qualifier-BKA
Model Identity no.
First Manufactured
Last manufacturedCurrent
Seasonal efficiency86.1% Efficiency categoryCalculated from certified data
Nominal heat output7.5 kW Reduced heat output2.9 kW
Measured heat to room at nominal heat output7.97 kW
Main typePellet room heater without boiler Fuel
FlueOpen or roomsealed Fan assistanceFan
Elec. power firing155 w not firing3 w
Burner controlElectrical Additional ventilation rate
Part-load efficiency test methodUnknown
Tested by BodyTUVRheinla Certificate No.K19402016Z1
Primary Trade Association
Record created2018/Aug/06 11:37
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Wood Pellet Stoves ie
Co Mayo
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