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    Your guide to buying an electric car

    Learn about electric cars and the various supports available.

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    Prompt Payment Return Q1 2018

    Prompt Payment Return Q1 2018


    Prompt Payment Returns Q2 2017


    A good practice guide to energy monitoring and targeting

    Effective energy management starts with measuring how much energy is being consumed and where it is being consumed. This guide gives a brief introduction to techniques that can be used for effective monitoring and targeting.

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    Community Energy Grant Offers

    Government funded Better Energy Community grant offers for 2018.


    NEAP Modelling Guide and SBEM v3.5.a Technical Manual (RoI)


    Roadmap for DEAP 4.2.0

    updates and roadmap to the rollout of DEAP 4.2.0 methodology and online tool for ber assessors, new DEAP


    Renewable Energy in Ireland 2019 Infographic

    Ireland's progress towards 2020 renewable energy targets displayed in visual graphics


    Summary of data collection fields for EMP