Terms and Conditions for the M&R system

    Updated terms and conditions for the submission of data to SEAI through the Public Sector Monitoring & Reporting System


    TGD L 2019 Dwellings - Energy Show 2019 Presentation

    TGD L 2019 Dwellings_Energy Show 2019 Presentation


    SSRH Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions for the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat


    RD&D Application Guidelines


    Support Scheme Renewable Heat Draft Terms and Conditions

    Draft terms and conditions including eligibility and sustainability criteria, for the new government initiative Support Scheme Renewable Heat.

    • Report

    Sustainability Criteria Options and Impacts for Irish Bioenergy

    This report examines the sustainability of using biomass fuels to produce renewable energy in Ireland. The research found that Ireland is in a position to supply sustainable biomass to the energy sector, but only if suitable sources of biomass are used.


    • Factsheet

    Summary Assessment of the Cost and Benefits of Biogas and Biomethane in Ireland


    Solar Thermal Collectors

    • Report

    South Dublin County Council Emission Report

    This baseline report aims to raise awareness of climate change and the impact that different sectors in the South Dublin County Council region have on Ireland’s overall carbon emissions.