Provisional Energy Balance 2018

    This National Energy Balance shows how and where energy was used in Ireland in 2018.

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    Projections Report 2019

    This annual report tracks Ireland’s progress towards our 2030 and 2050 emissions targets.

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    Biomass Boilers Operations and Maintenance Guide

    This Operation and Maintenance Guide is principally intended for users such as facilities, engineering and environmental managers, and technical maintenance staff and provides a guide for the on-going management of biomass systems.

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    Biomass Boilers Technology Guide

    This Technology Guide is principally intended for engineers, consultants and installers. It will also be of interest to others such as facilities/engineering managers, environmental managers and technical maintenance staff, who wish to seek more knowledge on such systems to engage with the supply side.

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    Biomass Boilers Implementation Guide

    This Implementation Guide is principally intended for site or facility owners who are considering installing a biomass boiler system.


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    Prompt Payment Return Q1 2019

    Prompt Payment Return Q1 2019


    Beneficiary Confirmation of Grant Receipt

    Confirmation of Grant Receipt for BEC


    Beneficiary Acceptance of Grant Offer

    Acceptance of BEC grant offer


    SME Lighting Support Scheme Guide

    Please refer to this guide if you are applying to the SME Lighting Support Scheme 2019