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    SSRH Commissioning Form and Declarations


    SSRH Privacy Notice


    RDD 101 Flexigrid Final Report


    SSRH Installation Grant Terms and Conditions


    SSRH Guide to Completing Technical Assessment Form

    • Handbook

    Tips for saving energy and money around your home

    We all require energy to heat and light our homes and to run our home appliances. By focusing on the main energy-using areas of your home, there’s great potential to save energy and money. This booklet provides you with lots of advice.


    SSRH Guide to Completing the Application Form


    SSRH Grant Scheme Operating Rules and Guidelines

    Grant Scheme Operating Rules and Guidelines for the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

    • Report

    Changing Energy Behaviour, What Works?

    This report assesses the international evidence on what works for encouraging sustainable energy behaviours, and recommends a number of behaviour change interventions that should be trialled in Ireland in order to strengthen the evidence base for behaviourally informed policy-making.