Tips for improving performance in operational control in utilities

    This guidance outlines ten good practice tips for improving performance in utilities’ operation control.


    A good practice guide to energy monitoring and targeting

    Effective energy management starts with measuring how much energy is being consumed and where it is being consumed. This guide gives a brief introduction to techniques that can be used for effective monitoring and targeting.


    A good practice guide for energy performance indicators for utilities

    The purpose of this guide is to document current best practice with regard to the energy performance indicators normally used to manage the following utilities systems effectively: chilled water systems, compressed air systems, combined heat and power (CHP) generation systems, gas boilers for hot water generation.


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    Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications (DTSS)

    This document is a reference for Contractors carrying out dwelling energy upgrade works supported by SEAI’s Better Energy Homes, Better Energy Warmer Homes, Deep Retrofit, Warmth and Wellbeing, Better Energy Finance, Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme and Better Energy Communities Programmes (the “Programme”). It sets out the general competence, standards and specifications that Contractors should possess, and adhere to, in carrying out works supported by the Programmes. Homeowners may also need to refer to this document when works are being carried out.


    Commercial Fuel Cost Comparison Archive

    Archive timeseries of commercial fuel costs in Ireland


    Renewable Energy in Ireland 2019 Infographic

    Ireland's progress towards 2020 renewable energy targets displayed in visual graphics

    • Report

    Renewable Energy in Ireland 2019

    The report provides a detailed analysis of Ireland’s progress towards the 2020 Renewable Energy Targets.

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    Sustainability Criteria Options and Impacts for Irish Bioenergy

    This report examines the sustainability of using biomass fuels to produce renewable energy in Ireland. The research found that Ireland is in a position to supply sustainable biomass to the energy sector, but only if suitable sources of biomass are used.


    Communities Privacy Notice

    This document describes the Privacy Policies related to the Communities grant.