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    Electricity & Gas Price 1st Semester 2018

    Comparing energy prices in Ireland with those of other EU Member States and elsewhere is a particularly important aspect of any analysis of the impact of price changes and competition. This report seeks to inform that analysis and thereby increase the understanding of energy price changes in Ireland.

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    Combined Heat & Power in Ireland - 2018 update

    This report examines the contribution made by CHP to Ireland’s energy requirements for the period 1991 to 2017, with a particular focus on the years 2016 and 2017. This is SEAI’s twelfth report on the topic.


    Energy Auditor Core Competency Assessment Template

    Auditors may wish to use the competency assessment template for use when quoting businesses for audit work.


    Upgrading to an A Rated Home

    The homeowner guide to upgrading to an A-Rated home. Learn about the different measures you will need to take in your home to get the highest level of energy efficiency.


    SEAI Code of Governance 2019

    This framework sets out the systems and processes by which the Authority directs and controls its functions and manages its business. It is intended to guide the Board (and staff, where appropriate) of the Authority in performing their duties to the highest standards of accountability, integrity and propriety.


    Code of Practice Ventilation