Domestic Fuel Cost Comparison Archive

    Archive timeseries of domestic fuel costs in Ireland


    Final Energy Consumption in Ireland

    Final energy use by fuel/energy source in Ireland since 1990 in excel format. Overall energy by fuel and also subsectors by fuel.


    Energy Flows in Ireland

    Timesseries of energy used by production, transformation and consumption sectors in Ireland since 1990 in excel format.


    Energy Balances since 1990

    Ireland's energy balances since 1990 in excel format

    • Infographic

    SEAI in numbers 2018 infographic

    Last year, the Government of Ireland, through the SEAI, invested €120 million in sustainable energy upgrades and actions. See the key highlights here.



    Community Grant Guidelines

    Community Grant Guidelines


    POs over €20,000 Q4 2016


    POs over €20,000 Q3 2016


    POs over €20,000 Q2 2016