Quarterly Fuel Price Comparison

The purpose of this Fuel Price Comparison is to provide consumers with visible, consistent and clear information regarding the comparative price of a variety of transport fuels. It is expressed as an approximate cost of fuel in euro for every 100km travelled.

Fuel Stations with three or more fuel pumps are required to display the Fuel Price Comparison values as is and replace them with the lastest version quarterly as available here.
Fuel Stations can find a display poster and further details in the Downloads section below.

A form is available at the end of this page for Fuel Station operators to submit their details relating to the Fuel Price Comparison S.I. No. 703 of 2022.

Q2 2024 Fuel Price Comparison

C-Segment Vehicles

Data based on Q1 2024

Fuel TypePrice Estimate (€/100km)
Petrol 10.04
Diesel 8.95
Electric* 3.18
CNG - -
LPG - -

*Blended rate of charging. 90% at home (night rate) and 10% public charging (fast and high-powered charge rate)

Estimated prices following 2014/94/EU Article 7(3) Directive

Comparison Poster

A variation of these posters can be displayed at fuel stations to meet the Fuel Price Comparison obligation. Any alternative version must ensure that SEAI calculated values are used. To ensure the display is clear it should align with the format, or a format substantially to the like effect, set out in schedule 1 of S.I. No. 703 of 2022. The SEAI logo and Government of Ireland logo should not be used on alternative versions without prior permission.

Fuel Price Comparison Online Form Submission

Fuel Station operators can use the following form to submit fuel station details regarding the Fuel Price Comparison display obligations as outlined in S.I. No. 703 of 2022.

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