Housing is one of our greatest energy efficiency challenges in Ireland. We are carrying out deep retrofits on older homes with a poor energy rating to learn how to address these challenges.

Tackling energy efficiency in older housing

Housing continues to pose one of the greatest energy efficiency challenges in Ireland. A considerable portion of older housing performs poorly when compared with those built to the current building standards. We are now delivering the Deep Retrofit grant to tackle this challenge.

SEAI launched this multi-annual pilot programme in 2016. It currently investigates the challenges and opportunities of deep retrofit. The learning from these pilots will inform our approach towards a large scale deep retrofit of buildings in Ireland. Our initial focus is on the residential market.

We estimate that a sum of over €35 billion will be required over 35 years to make the existing housing stock low carbon by 2050.

Are you a homeowner?

If you own your own home and you are looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home to an A-rated home, our Deep Retrofit grant might be for you.

We offer grants to do individual energy upgrades such as insulation grants or heating systems grants, but deep retrofit means getting multiple energy upgrades all at once. All projects must include renewable energy solutions to support the transition away from fossil fuels. There are a wide range of renewable energy systems currently available on the market with the most prominent to date being heat pumps, solar water heating panels and solar photovoltaic panels. To undergo a deep retrofit, you are looking at an investment of approximately €30,000 or more.

While this is a big undertaking, higher grant support (approximately 50%) exists for deep retrofit to help you achieve a really energy efficient A-rated home. We are offering this support on a limited basis.

To apply for a Deep Retrofit grant, you must contact one of our listed Service Providers below. We are currently not accepting applications from individual homeowners. We need to learn through the pilot before developing a model to deliver high quality deep retrofit to individual homeowners

Apply via a Service Provider

Are you a service provider

The Deep Retrofit grant presents a significant market and investment opportunity for early adopters of deep retrofit. We are currently seeking Service Providers to drive investment in major renovations through the delivery of deep retrofits projects from inception to completion.

Reflecting governments multi-annual commitment of funding, the National Mitigation Plan commits a total of €21.2m between 2017 and 2019 with an additional €5 million in 2019 to support this Deep Retrofit grant.Learnings from this inital programme will inform the large scale roll-out of deep retrofit with an estimated total market value of over €35 billion.

In order to maximise the learnings from the pilot programme and deliver optimal solutions to homeowners as the programme evolves, we are looking for applications with groups of houses, e.g. 5 or more. Organisations such as community groups, local authorities, energy agencies and other organisations with the capacity and ability to deliver can all apply for the pilot programme. Please click on the link below to learn more about the Pilot programme.

Service Provider information

Service providers

Application for the Deep Retrofit Pilot programme is available to all service providers who demonstrate the skills and capacity to deliver deep retrofit projects in the application process. We expect that more service providers will apply for the pilot programme over time. The list below will be updated with to include service providers that have demonstrated the ability to deliver deep retrofit projects.

The list below includes service providers who have or are currently delivering deep retrofit projects under the SEAI pilot programme.

3 Counties Energy Agency
Churchfield Home Services
DCI Energy
Donovan Low Energy
Drombane Upperchurch Energy Team - email: energyofficerdrombane@gmail.com
Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative CLG
Fast Eco Build
House 2 Home
Ireland Insulation
NCE Insulation
Tipperary Energy Agency
Towards Zero Energy - email: towards0energy@gmail.com
Waterford Insulation

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