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Register your product or service with SEAI today and make your business more accessible in the sustainable energy sector.

One Stop Shop Provider

Become a registered One Stop Shop with SEAI. A One Stop Shop is responsible for managing the end-to-end home energy upgrade process for a homeowner. You will offer a full range of energy upgrades in line with Government policy. Register with SEAI now and grow your business.

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Charge Point Operators

Register with SEAI and become a Charge Point Operator (CPO) for the Electric Vehicle Apartment Charger Grant scheme. Deliver and operate electric vehicle charging networks under this new scheme across Ireland.

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Solar PV Installer or Company

Become a registered Company or Installer for the Solar PV Scheme, or the Non-Domestic Microgen Scheme. A registered company is the contracted entity by the homeowner or organisation and a registered Installer is the only person who can complete the Declaration of Works form.

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