The SEAI statistics team publish high quality, robust energy statistics. Below are our main energy statistics available in excel format.

Annual Energy Balances

An energy balance is an accounting framework for the compilation and reconciliation of data on all energy products entering, exiting and used in a country during a reference period.  Put simply, an energy balance is a matrix, where columns are energy products (fuels) and rows are energy flows (production – transformation – consumption sectors).

Download Energy Balances

Energy Data as Timeseries

To facilitate analysis, the energy balance data is presented here in timeseries format.  Different cuts can be made of the energy balances and the two main views are of the energy flows and the fuels.

Energy Flows

This file contains a number of tabs showing the timesseries of energy used by production, transformation and consumption sectors.  There is a tab for overall energy which is the sum of individual fuel/energy sources.  There are also individual tabs for each fuel/energy source.

Download Energy Flows

Fuels/Energy Sources

This file contains tabs showing final energy use by fuel/energy source.  There is a tab showing overall Total Final Consumption (TFC) by fuel and individual tabs showing each consuming sectors energy use by fuel/energy source.  Each sector tab shows the total sector energy use first and scrolling down, data for each sub-sector is given.

Download the fuel / energy sources