Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) Calculation Methodology and Software for Non Residential Buildings

The NEAP Software for Non Residential Buildings in the form of the Simplified Building Energy Model for Ireland (SBEMie) has been updated to demonstrate compliance with NZEB and Part L of the Building Regulations.

The following software is available to the market for demonstrating compliance with NZEB requirements:

  • IES Ltd. Virtual Environment v7.0.17, SBEMIE v5.5.h.2
  • G-ISBEM Ltd, G-ISBEM, v23.0, SBEMIE v5.5.h.2
  • DesignBuilder Software Ltd, DesignBuilder SBEM, v7.0.0, SBEMie, v5.5.h.2
  • G-ISBEM v23.0
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.11
  • DesignBuilder SBEM v6.1.1
  • DesignBuilder SBEM v6.1.8
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.12
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.13
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.14
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.15
  • Virtual Environment 7.0.16

Please download our Introduction to SBEMie for key items to consider when converting from previous versions of the software.


The following patch (01) should be installed to ensure multiple renewables of the same type are considered when calculating the RER:

The following patch (02) should be installed for Part L compliance requirement checks for the SEER cooling (rather than EER), and rectifies the instability problems in the overheating assessment for certain platforms:

Please ensure that you install the patch at the same location on your computer where you had previously installed iSBEMie_v5.5.h and Patch01 so that the appropriate files can be replaced upon installation.

SBEMie Resources

Survey Guide & Form

This guidance and survey form is designed to assist BER assessors to record the survey information necessary for input into the NEAP software.

Optional for Users

Additional and optional resources for BER assessors using the NEAP software.

Updates and changes

Some of the key changes to the software include:

  • NZEB Compliance Check
  • Incorporation of the Renewable Energy Ratio
  • Compliance Check for Solar Overheating
  • Compliance Check for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Lighting Systems
  • Change in Primary Energy Factor for Electricity
  • Update to activity database to reflect Irish specific circumstances and research carried out by BRE
  • Update in methodology for Unconditioned Adjoining Spaces
  • Enhanced calculations for heating and cooling demands
  • Enhanced HVAC calculation including
  • Bivalent Systems
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Local SFP entry for systems such as FCU
  • VSD pumps for Heating and Cooling
  • Provision for night cooling
  • Enhanced Lighting calculation including
  • Provision for LED lighting
  • Inclusion of the Light Output Ratio
  • Updated approach to display lighting time switching
  • Enhanced Renewable calculation including
  • Inclusion of allowance for Renewables from District Heating Schemes
  • Inclusion for Peak Power in photovoltaics
  • Inclusion for allowance of renewables from process energy.
  • Enhanced shading calculations

Validation of third-party commercial SBEM interface (SBEM-i) software packages

Information on the process for validating third-party commercial SBEM interface (SBEM-i) software packages and the latest vendor information package can be obtained from the BER Helpdesk: Phone 01 808 2054 or email

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