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Find out what you need to report in the Monitoring and Reporting system for your organisation.

Scope of a public body

The reporting scope of your organisation can differ depending on certain circumstances.

Find out about scope of reporting


You can select your baseline from a choice of three periods. This only needs to be reported on a once-off basis.

Find out which baseline is most appropriate for your organisation

Energy consumption

Electricity, thermal and transport energy must be reported for your organisation.

Find out how to report energy consumption

Activity metrics

Learn which activity metrics are required for M&R reporting and which can be selected by your organisation.

Find out about activity metrics

Energy saving projects

Organisations should report details of all energy saving projects that have been implemented. You can also report details of any projects that are planned.

Find out how to report projects

Exemplar energy management

All public bodies are legally obliged to fulfill an exemplary role with respect to energy efficiency, including through their energy management practices.

Find out how to report on energy management

Other reporting systems

Get clarification on your reporting obligations if your organisation already uses reporting systems such as LIEN and DEC.

More about other reporting systems