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Bocan community creche is fully committed to sustainable energy which results in reduced creche costs for local families across the Culdaff area of Co. Donegal.

About Bocan crèche

Situated on the Inishowen peninsula, the community creche provides a vital service of affordable childcare to local families. Bocan’s not-for-profit community run childcare facility is managed by a voluntary management team, giving preference to families on lower incomes or supporting parents in returning to work or education.

Caroline Borden, Manager of Bocan lists “affordable childcare and sustainability as key priorities for the creche.”

Bocan first opened its doors in 1996, initially catering for 6-7 children in an old local school. The creche has expanded greatly and now caters for 101 children, 72 families daily.

Why Bocan decided on energy efficiency?

The main goal for installing energy saving measures in the creche was to drive the costs down and provide an  affordable service to all families in the local community. With support from SEAI, this goal became a reality.

What energy saving measures did they install?

The creche installed a geothermal heat pump, eliminating the need for oil, and solar pv on the roof  which helps power electrical appliances in the creche.The creche is set to make savings of €3,000 per month enabling Caroline to keep the creche fees low for parents.

“If another small to medium sized business was to look into it, I’d completely recommend it. It is one less cost we have to be looking out for overtime," explains Caroline.

“You can’t drive energy efficiency on your own and we are in a unique position where we have the opportunity to introduce the subject to young children and sustain a future for them,” she adds.

There is huge potential for SME’s to make savings on sustainable energy. SEAI support innovation across businesses to unlock opportunities for business owners to become more sustainable and reduce annual running costs.

Why should SMEs invest in energy efficiency

Being part of a cleaner energy environment is possible for everyone. One of the great things about energy efficiency is that, once you make savings, they go straight to the bottom line and stay there, year after year.

As an SME, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill by making small changes and investing in energy efficient technology such as LED lights and heat pumps. SEAI offer a range of supports to help you on this journey. 

SEAI Energy Awards

In 2019 Bocan were shortlisted in the SME category at the SEAI Energy Awards.They impressed judges with their inclusive and long-term approach to energy improvement and sustainbility. The SEAI Energy Awards 2020 are now open for applications. Join Ireland’s ambitious energy leaders and apply now.

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