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Don't drive to extinction, drive electric! Electric vehicles are better for the environment, cheaper to run, and are suitable for even the longest Irish journeys.

What is an Electric Vehicle?

There are many types of electric vehicles on the market today. Get to know the different types and how they work.

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Why Drive Electric?

Do you want to pollute less, reduce your motoring costs, or drive the latest technology?

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Buying an Electric Vehicle

Ready to drive electric? We're ready to help with advice, guides, and grant information.

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Charging your EV

Whether you have recently made the switch to an EV or considering an EV, learn about the basics of charging and the supports available to you.

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Electric Vehicles for Business

There are many opportunities when migrating to EV. Learn about the key topics relating to electric vehicles for your business.

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Compare the cost of an EV with a petrol or diesel car

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SEAI_ie  EV Do you remember your first car? Paul and our #EV carpoolers take a fond look back at their first cars...Head to You…
MythbusterElectric vehicles run out of power all the time
While possible, it is very rare. Warning messages give the driver plenty of notice if their battery is low
Over 131,000The number of electric vehicles and Plug-in hybrids on Irish roads today