Below shows the different SEAI tools and calculators available for you to use.

Cost Indicator for Biomass Boilers in Business

Choosing biomass to heat your business could lead to lower fuel costs and savings in business operations. Discover how much your business can save when switching from oil or gas.

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Interim NZEB Specification Tool

Calculate the Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC), Carbon Performance Coefficient (CPC) and the Renewable Energy Ratio (RER) based on the Interim NZEB Performance Specification for new buildings owned and occupied by Public Authorities. Art 9(a) of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive for all new buildings to be Nearly Zero by 31ST December 2020 is being implemented through Part L of the Building Regulations.

Use the NZEB Specification Tool

BER Research Tool

This tool gives you access to statistical data from the Building Energy Rating (BER) scheme. It provides access to information on all aspects of construction that affect the energy performance of dwellings. Data is updated nightly, so search results represent an up-to-date summary of published residential BERs. You must register to access the information.

Use the BER Research Tool

National BER Register

Check the validity of a BER or DEC certificate.  You will need to enter your BER/DEC number or the MPRN for the relevant of the building.

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Energy Savings Calculator for Boiler Replacement Projects

This calculation tool will enable the user to estimate the annual savings associated with replacing all the existing boilers with high efficiency boilers in a LTHW single or multi boiler system. The calculation tool can only be used for multi boiler installations/systems in which all the existing boilers are identical types and all the replacement boilers are identical types. 

Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives Evaluation Tool

This tool is designed to assist organisations evaluate the benefits of retrofitting a range of high efficiency motors and/or VSDs.

Tubular Fluorescent Lighting and Controls Evaluation Tool

This tool is designed to assist organisations evaluate the benefits of retrofitting six types of T8 rated fluorescent fitting and conventional ballasts with high frequency T5 rated fittings and electronic ballasts and controls.

​Pump Energy Efficiency Calculation Tool

This tool calculates the energy efficiency and energy performance of water (and waste water) pumping facilities.

Combined Heat and Power Primary Energy Savings Calculator

The CHP calculator should be used to calculate energy credits for the purposes of the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS). Please note that SEAI will only accept savings from CHP projects that have been calculated using this tool.

Guidance document for Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) participants applying for energy credits with combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. This document should be used when using the CHP calculator.

​Best Practice Compressed Air

This Best Practice Worksheet for Compressed Air is for identifying and quantifying energy savings opportunities associated with the operation of compressed air systems.

Best Practice Motors

This Best Practice Worksheet for Motors is for identifying and quantifying energy savings opportunities associated with the operation of motors.

Best Practice Pumps

This Best Practice Worksheet for Pumps is for identifying and quantifying energy savings opportunities associated with the operation of pumps.

Register of Opportunities

Use the register of opportunities to record all energy saving opportunities at your facilities.

Lighting Upgrade Credits Calculation Tool

This lighting tool has been developed for use on all SEAI-supported non-domestic lighting projects and the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS). It enables users to calculate energy credits for EEOS and both energy and cost savings achieved by lighting upgrade projects.

The guidance document below sets out instructions for using the Lighting Upgrade Credits Calculation Tool, including details of the key formulas and correction factors used, and a troubleshooting section.

​Solar Hot Water Compliance Calculator

This tool is used for the Better Energy homes Scheme.

Energy Bills Tracker Tools

These spreadsheet tools are for Energy Managers and enable you to:

  • Record your business's electricity, natural gas, LPG and oil consumption and costs.
  • Calculate the associated greenhouse gases (GHGs).
  • Analyse your bills by breaking down the different cost elements in your tariff.
  • Present the above in graphical format including breakdown between day/night, unit charges, standing charges etc.
  • Present a summary of your business's total annual energy consumption, costs and GHGs.
  • Track trends in year-on-year changes in consumption, costs & GHGs (by fuel type)
  • Calculate and plot Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) for each fuel type (including electricity).

The tool automatically plots your energy use data. Keeping this spreadsheet updated will help you keep track of the energy costs in your facility, show you how you are doing compared to last year, and identify some of your cost reduction opportunities.

The tool is available in both single-year and multi-year formats:

Energy bills tracker single year

Energy bills tracker multi-year