Roscommon Fire Service carried out an energy audit on their building. They found that heating controls and lighting were two areas where they could make significant energy savings.


  • 70%

    Expected electricity savings
  • 194

    LED lights installed
  • 20,170 kWh

    Savings per annum

The lighting, both inside and outside the building, used inefficient fluorescent and tungsten light fittings. They installed 194 high performance LED light fittings with sensor controls. As a result, they expect savings of approximately 70% on electricity use. The lights have improved the outside visibility, and made the stairwells brighter. The building has a more pleasurable environment and there is less maintenance.

A Building Management System (BMS) was installed to reduce energy use for heating the building and water. Following a short learning period, the new system is easy to use. It allows them to control temperature in various parts of the building making

the building more comfortable. It can also be controlled remotely. As a staff member explained:

“One person likes a low heat, while others in the upstairs rooms like it warmer. Everyone now is happy with the system and everyone can make adjustments to suit themselves”.

They installed solar PV panels to supply some of the electricity that they need in the fire station. They have made estimated electrical savings of 20,170 kWh per annum and thermal savings of 5,920 kWh per annum.

The work cost €48,900. The annual amount of carbon dioxide saved is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by two homes every year.

Roscommon Fire Station was part of a larger project, which included energy upgrades to six community buildings and 22 private homes.


The lead applicant for this project was NCE Insulation