Your SEAI mentor is there to guide your sustainable energy community through the stages of development.

Meeting your mentor

Once you join the sustainable energy community (SEC) network your local SEAI mentor will reach out and introduce themselves to you. You may have already met as mentors are often involved in recruiting new communities into the network.

Supports offered

SEAI mentors have a range of supports available and can deliver the mentoring service in different ways. This will depend on what best suits your community and what is available locally.


Local and country wide events, workshops and meetings where you can meet other communities and share learnings.

EventsOnline supportsEnergy Master Plan guidance
Local and country wide events, workshops and meetings where you can meet other communities and share learnings.

Local community webinars, SEC training webinars and documents including standard templates, communication guides, programme information and funding opportunities.

Mentors offer guidance as you develop your goals, scope and partnership. This includes guidance through the Energy Master Plan Funding application process, project decisions and arranging consultancy services when your grant is approved.

The mentor programme

There is a Community Mentor located in each county of Ireland. This means you get the opportunity to learn from other local communities and get guidance on your next steps from an experienced mentor.

The mentors work in one of 4 regions and are organised by one of 4 regional coordinators. This provides capacity and resources as close to the communities as possible. The mentors also provide your feedback to SEAI to help us improve the programme and develop supports best suited to your needs.

Your Mentor is there to support your progress through your project journey. They cannot be part of the professional services procured through your Energy Master Plan application.

Online supports

SEAI has a wide range of online tools, guides and supports available. If your community has interests in more technical, research, or behavioural economic aspects of sustainable energy your mentor can help guide you to these. Each mentor will have a host of online or in-person supports available and these will depend on your requirements and those of the communities in your local area. For example it makes more sense to bring a couple of communities together at the same stage to share learnings and training.

We will continue to work with your mentor to develop tools and supports that can help you achieve your community energy ambitions. 

Contact your county Mentor

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