NVP Energy's Low temperature Anaerobic Digestion technology treats wastewater whilst recovering biogas that is 100% available for reuse

Project Insights

  • €120,040

    Total Project Costs
  • 1 yr

    Project Duration
  • 2017

    Year Funded

Project Description

NVP Energy has commissioned its first flagship demonstrator modules in the meat processing industry with ABP Food group and is in the process of commissioning a demonstrator in the dairy industry with Arrabawn Dairies. Following successful operation and proof of the technology's functionality at ABP Food Group, the next steps for NVP Energy are to optimise the design and verify the value proposition in order to roll out to other target industries. This project will assist NVP Energy by providing the following work packages: WP1 Independent Life-Cycle Assessment; Following on from a successful year of results post-commissioning at ABP Food Group, NVP Energy will need to independently assess and validate the positive environmental impact over the life-cycle of the product in terms of energy production and carbon offset in order to confirm the value proposition to prospective customers.; WP2 Full Scale Distribution System Optimisation; NVP Energy has developed an efficient influent distribution system which provides a continuous fluidised bed of anaerobic microbes optimising COD removal, hydraulic retention time and biogas production. Hydraulic Modelling, analysis and full-scale design trials will allow NVP Energy to optimise this further.; WP3 Development of Mobile Pilot Module; Due to the NVP Energy's status as an emerging new technology, a mobile pilot module, containerised for easy transportation and temporary installation at prospective customer sites, will prove to validate the technology for the end-customer before a full-scale deployment on their site.

Project Details

Total Project Cost: €120,040

Funding Agency: SEAI

Year Funded: 2017

Lead Organisation: NVP Energy Ltd

Partner Organisation(s): N/A

Michael Murray

Lead Researcher

Expertise: (Low-strength) Wastewater Treatment; Renewable Energy; Waste(water) to Energy; Anaerobic Digestion; Clean technology;

Social: LinkedIn , Twitter