Energy Management is a process designed to save companies energy and money. Our structured approach will guide you and drive continuous improvement.

The basic principles

  • How much your company spent on energy in the last year
  • What the biggest users of energy are
Take action and measure
  • Implement energy projects such as energy efficient lighting or heating controls
  • Measure and verify any savings in energy use or cost

Our partnerships and support

SEAI works in partnership with companies all over Ireland who wish to implement Energy Management. Our partnerships range across large business, public sector organisations, and schools as well as SMEs. We give these organisations the tools to tackle their energy use and drive continuous improvement.

Public sector and large industry partnerships

We work with the public sector and large industry through partnerships. These partnerships help to gain commitment from senior management. We also assign mentors to guide these organisations through improving their energy use.

Read more about Public Sector Partnership

Schools and SME training

We offer training for smaller organisations and schools. Sign up to one of our classroom based training courses to develop your knowledge of Energy Management.

Training available

Energy in Education

Suitable for: Schools
Duration: Two half day workshops
Delivered by: SEAI
Difficulty level: Beginner
Further info:

Small Business training

Suitable for: SMEs with less than €250K annual energy spend
Duration: 3 half day workshops
Delivered by: SEAI
Difficulty level: Beginner
Further info:

Energy MAP training

Suitable for: Organisations with over €250K annual energy spend
Duration: 3 full day training course
Delivered by: SEAI
Difficulty level: Beginner/intermediate
Further info:

Energy auditing support

Whatever your size or type of organisation an energy audit is a great place to start your energy management process. An energy audit allows you to identify all of your savings opportunities. Use our Energy Audit Handbook to assist you when auditing.