SEAI launched a new campaign to encourage consumers to check the energy label and save when buying new electrical products in the lead up to Black Friday.

Electrical products can vary in their efficiency. Choosing efficient products will save you money on your electricity bills in the long-term.

The recent increase in electricity prices means that many people are looking to reduce their use. By providing clear information, energy labels help you choose products that use less energy resulting in lower operating costs. This can really save you money over the long term and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. So ahead of Black Friday and the festive season we are encouraging you to always check the energy label to save.
Tim Stokes, Programme Manager at SEAI

The energy labels for many electrical products, such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, and light bulbs have been rescaled to help consumers identify really high performing appliances. So, while the actual energy consumption for any particular appliance is unchanged, it will most likely have a lower classification. For example, a fridge-freezer that was previously an A+++ may become a C after the rescaling. The rescaled labels are easier to understand and ensure manufacturers continue to innovate and introduce even more energy efficient products.


For an example of savings, a B-rated fridge-freezer could save you over €60 a year compared to an F-rated fridge-freezer.


The savings for high energy consuming appliances such as tumble dryers are even higher. For example, an A+++ -rated tumble dryer could save you over €150 a year compared to a B-rated tumble dryer (note the label has not yet been rescaled).

Once you have an idea of your budget and settled on the general specification you require, my only advice is to choose the best rated appliance you can.