SEAI has launched a Home Energy Challenge that will run from the 29 November to 5 December showing you how you can be more energy efficient at home.

Home Energy Challenge

Home Energy Challenge


With rising energy prices, fresh momentum from COP26 and the publication of the Government’s Climate Action Plan, now is the time for people to start taking real climate action.


Participants will receive a daily email with excellent resources and practical advice covering topics such as heating, hot water, home appliances and transport. This campaign will focus on the actions that will make the most impact to save energy, carbon and money in the home. SEAI will also be partnering with a number of Instagrammers, including Catherine Carton (@daintydressdiaries), Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher (@theuselessproject), Kel Galavan (@mrssmartmoneyhq) and Dave O’Brien (, who will be sharing their efforts to save energy.

This challenge is part of SEAI’s drive to get more people involved in real and substantial climate action, helping us all to use less fossil fuels. COP26 and the Climate Action Plan set a new level of ambition to take fossil fuels out of our energy system and nothing short of a societal movement is needed. Businesses, Government, communities and individuals will all have to play their part. We want people to realise that that their individual actions collectively make a huge difference. With homes accounting for almost one quarter of all energy used in Ireland, your actions can make a difference. You can also save money on your heating and electricity bills, which is increasingly important as many people are spending more time at home these days
Tom Halpin, Headd of Communications

Along with practical actions that you can take now, SEAI will also show you how you can future proof your home through home energy investments. Ireland is about to change dramatically and now is the time to be part of that change.

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